According to Baseball America’s Matt Eddy, the Toronto Blue Jays have signed Northern League pitcher Bobby Korecky to a Minor League contract.  Despite decent peripherals at Triple A, as Eddy points out, the move wouldn’t normally warrant much attention.

However, an unconfirmed Wikipedia entry mentions that Korecky happens to be rumoured Blue Jays trade target Kevin Slowey’s best friend.  Now, please take that with an enormous boulder of salt, because while the two played together for a couple of seasons in Minnesota’s farm system, the entry is unconfirmed, and for all I know, might have just been added by some funny guy with editorial abilities on the Wikipedia website.

And even if it is true that Korecky and Slowey are BFFs, despite a five year age difference and growing up on different ends of the country, it doesn’t mean anything one way or the other regarding a potential trade.  It’s merely a fun little addition to the speculation currently circulating.

My original reaction to the Slowey rumours may have been a little harsh, but I’ll stand by my original sentiment that I’d rather see Marc Rzepczynski get an opportunity to start instead of Josh Towers 2.0.