I’m not going to pretend for a second that I have any insight or pop psychology reductions to explain why Charlie Sheen has been acting the way he has for the last little while.  Train wrecks are amusing to watch so long as no one is aboard.  So when the only passenger along for the ride has a history of abusing others, far be it for me to be overly concerned with how the emergency brakes are working or if Denzel Washington is hatching a plan to stop it.

While Sheen’s downward spiral began long ago, the media insanity portion of the tour started shortly after San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson met with the beleaguered actor.  Since then, Sheen has taken a very Wilsonesque approach to vocabulary usage and self-obsession.  However, where Wilson is able to come across as obviously joking, Sheen’s mimicry seems oddly more genuine.

Compare Sheen’s vocabulary, speech patterns and lack of humility from this recent comedy video to Wilson doing commercials and interviews from last season and after the World Series.

Brian Wilson for MLB 2K11:

Brian Wilson’s best moments on FOX Sports’ The Cheap Seats with Chris Rose:

Brian Wilson appears on Lopez Tonight:

After all this, it seems only fitting that Sheen, in his oddly compelling webcast gives a shout out to Brian Wilson as one of the people he’d like to be for five minutes. Of course, it seems to me as though, this whole exercise has been going on for a lot longer than five minutes. It’s also unfortunate that it continues to give annoying newscasters a chance to appear morally upright.

Aside to the opportunistic and hollow newscaster lady, if you were so outraged and offended by Sheen’s nonsense, why agree to air anything from his webcast at all?