Ricky Romero
Not much of a shock here, John Farrell announced today (and the dutiful official Jays twitter feed branded it up and put it out there too) that Ricky Romero will start on Opening Day.

Young, talented, home grown, signed long term, dreamy: all great reasons to move Ricky Romero forward in the “face of the franchise” conversation. That he exhibits a general likeability in interviews and a high “compete level” (ugh) on the field is reason enough to give him the coveted Opening Day role.

Jays fans have a lot to look forward to in Ricky Romero after two strong seasons in the big leagues. I compared him to Cliff Lee in terms of development and results in the past, a comparison most Jays fans can’t help but enjoy.

The ace shoes in Toronto are pretty tough to fill but given the team’s commitment to Romero during his minor league struggles and the friendly contract he signed, Ricky Romero figures to be at the top of the Jays rotation for years to come.