Hairs To The Rays

In Jonah Keri’s new book The Extra 2%, the author describes Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon as a forward thinking leader dedicated to unconventional strategy.  If Keri were looking for more proof to drive this point home, he might have done well to delay publication for a couple more months because over the weekend Maddon announced that he would not be cutting his hair during the season while encouraging his players to do the same.

I encourage the growth of follicles on our club. I think guys should grow hair wherever they’re able. I’m not planning to cut mine in 2011. Sometimes I just go with my instincts, and I just think it could turn into a lot of fun for the group. So whatever keeps you focused on the field, and having fun off of it, I’m all for.

With Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon as veterans on the club, it’s difficult to imagine this not taking off.

Fashion for the sake of the team is nothing new to Tampa Bay.  Last season the Rays attempted to enhance unity with the Brayser and the year before that, it was the Rayhawks.

So, has Tampa Bay cemented themselves as everyone’s second favourite Major League Baseball team yet?

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  1. I feel as though watching Maddon from afar is entertaining as hell but that if he ever did manage the Jays he would frustrate me to no end.

  2. Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of his in-game management, but whether or not these types of things affect performance, they are kind of fun.

  3. The Rays are the annoying younger brother who won’t shut the hell up and keeps getting accolades for his performance while the ignored middle child sits with mouth agape that no one notices what he does.

  4. if the Rays played in A) a different arena and B) not in our division, I’d love them. the ‘idea’ of them is great, until we have to go to that awful dome nine times a year.

  5. Couldn’t Tampa Bay say something similar about Toronto?

  6. Put them in a different division and I’d like them a whole lot more. They’ll never be as hated as the Yankees or Red Sox.

  7. Maddon seems to play a lot of hunches during games. I kind of prefer the Jim Leyland approach. Maddon gives great quote, that’s for sure.

    As for second-fave team, I kind of like the Twinkies.

  8. I’m looking everywhere for an official announcement of what Jonah Keri responded to my question in Fangraphs chat earlier today….his appearance at Opera Bob’s in 2 weeks. Can you direct me to one, Mr. Parkes?

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