Welcome Back Woody

Toronto Star scribe Richard Griffin tweets that the Toronto Blue Jays have signed 34 year old infielder / outfielder / soon to be agent Chris Woodward to a Minor League contract.  Yes, that Chris Woodward.  The same Chris Woodward who was drafted in the 54th round of the 1994 draft by Toronto.  The same Chris Woodward who played for the Blue Jays from 1999-2004 as a backup infielder.  And the same Chris Woodward whose career on base percentage is below .300.

I can’t imagine a situation in which Woodward would see some time in the Majors this season, and it’s equally difficult to think that Woodward would want to bus around with a Minor League team for another year.  As the beloved Tao of Stieb asks, “April Fools already?”

Little known fact:  In 2004, Woodward appeared in an episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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  1. What the what the? Where does he fit in anywhere? Is he just here to fill rosters on split-squad games?

  2. I have no plausible explanation.

  3. Maybe they were going to get him to do a Flashback Friday and handed him the wrong contract. After realizing their error they didn’t want to hurt his feelings and tell him the truth.

  4. haha – that is the best i heard so far.

    IMO either Hill is more injured then we thought – possible trade brewing – or as a mentor for Lawrie in Vegas?

  5. Isn’t this just a AAA signing? He might be good to have in Vegas – got to keep 40 oz duct tape hands away from the night lift there.

  6. In MVP baseball 2005 Woodward was an absolute beast. Someone screwed up big time and it was glorious. Only time I’ve ever been a fan of him, and it was by accident.

  7. Woodward = Gary Valk NHL 200?

  8. Maybe he wants to retire as a Blue Jay.

  9. Las Vegas needs another middle infielder to play with Diaz. Lawrie has been moved to 3B and Emaus was lost to the Mets. Somebody has to play 2B.

  10. I wonder which of his number, recent #5 or classic #31 will be represented on the Level of Exellence.

  11. Maybe they think Lawrie should start up here. Which is a TERRIBLE idea.

  12. Daniel: I think you are forgetting a finally healthy Scott Campbell, and also Manny “How am I still a Jay?” Mayorson.

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