Ian Snell Retires

A minor note from St. Louis Cardinals training camp today as Ian Snell has decided to retire from baseball rather than go through the motions in Triple A this season.

While I’m sure Snell fans will be staying up late tonight, reminiscing about his magical 2007 season of 3.5 wins above replacement, and the only year his ERA came in under 4, but for me, Snell is best remembered by this clip of a Pirates phone in television program from 2009.

Public declaration of Scott Lewis’ larger characteristics for the tip.

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  1. As infuriating as callers like that can be sometimes, this one is pretty good on account of his ‘I’m here to ask a serious question’ tone.

    I remember a call-in show here in London that was broadcast after a sporting event on Rogers Cable, and a caller very calmly stated that ‘The NY Mets are my favourite squadron.’ Of course, given that it wasn’t vulgar, the hosts tried to decipher the call and kept the person on the line thinking it was a child asking a question they couldn’t understand. The caller repeated the statement a few times, only to be finally cut-off. A very successful, and non-offensive, prank caller had won the day!

  2. It’s definitely an art. I love how he starts the question about upside and casually mentions penis size, but then just goes balls out with his final question. A real beauty of a delivery.

  3. How do the sportstalk guys not explode in laughter?

  4. Jeff S.

    What’s offensive about “penis”? Who doesn’t like penises?

  5. Kevin:

    I have come to learn…. my wife.

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