Podsednik In Foot Cast For 10 Days

Richard Griffin tweets that Blue Jays outfield hopeful Scott Podsednik will be in a special immobilizing cast for the next ten days, not only limiting his foot’s movement, but also his chances of breaking camp with the big club.  Podsednik has only appeared in a single preseason game for the Blue Jays because of the plantar faciitis he’s been suffering from since last season.

This latest development likely means that Corey Patterson will at least start the season as the team’s fourth outfielder.  If not from a batting perspective, Patterson’s inclusion in the roster makes sense from a defensive standpoint.  Even though the majority of his time has been spent in left field the last two seasons, Patterson has put up good defensive numbers in center field in the past, as opposed to Podsednik who in addition to not playing center field regularly since 2004, was never really all that great out there to begin with.

Here’s how I imagine the outfield depth charts for the Toronto Blue Jays shaping up without Podsednik:

Left Field
Travis Snider
Corey Patterson
Rajai Davis

Center Field
Rajai Davis
Corey Patterson

Right Field
Juan Rivera
Jose Bautista
Rajai Davis

With no other veteran outfielders in camp, if the Blue Jays were considering breaking camp with five outfielders, plus Bautista at third base, Podsednik’s injury could mean that the team will bring thirteen pitchers with them to Toronto for their April 1st home opener against the Minnesota Twins.  Another option would have utility man Mike McCoy coming North with the club, rounding out a bench that would include Patterson, John McDonald and Jose Molina.

In other Jays injury news, Ricky Romero will miss his next Spring Training start because of a sprain in the middle finger of his left hand.  It’s not serious, and Romero isn’t expected to miss any more time.