As I can already see, the readers of Getting Blanked are not only readers, but BOOK readers (yeah, who needs iPads or Kindles anyway, right? Actually, I love my iPad). Thus, in order to take a quick break from reading and checking out everything Dustin, Drew, Travis and myself have to write about, you truly need a bookmark. Not only that, but you need a Getting Blanked bookmark!

To use this, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1. Print the picture out.

Step 2. Find a piece of cardboard.

Step 3. Measure the cardboard and picture together to make sure you know how exactly to cut each out in order to make the picture fit on top of the cardboard.

Step 4. Get some glue — tape ‘em together.

Step 5. Take a break from your book.

Step 6. Use!

Editorial note: The next Getting Booked: The Getting Blanked Baseball Book Club will be meeting at Opera Bob’s on Monday, March 28th to discuss Jonah Keri’s The Extra 2%.¬† Mr. Keri will be stopping by to participate and answer some questions.

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  1. I’m just starting chapter nine of Keri’s book and I’ll be in Toronto the weekend BEFORE the bookclub, but we have to leave Sunday night. I’m kind of bummed about it actually. The book is very good so far though. Keri’s one hell of a writer.

  2. Yeah, I’m on chapter four. It’s really great so far. Flip me a message while you’re in town.

  3. I’m enjoying the hell out of this book and I’ll be printing out that bookmark to put on the back of my Kindle (gotta love corporate Christmas gifts!).

    I haven’t been getting booked before, so what time do you usually get things started? My fantasy baseball draft is that night close to midnight, so I’m wondering if I’ll be able to pull off both.

    • Enjoying a pop or two at the bar may be dangerous, but things usually kick off shortly after 7. People break off into groups and tackle a discussion topic, and then we go through each point group by group. It’s always inspired great conversation.

  4. Why does the “Graphically Hip” guy have less design sense than a cat-sweater-wearing owner of a small-town pet supplies store? I don’t even… understand… this bookmark. Why that symbol? What does this have to do with baseball? Wait. I’m criticizing an intern who mistakenly put “Photoshop” on his resume, aren’t I?

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