HardBall Talk linked to a story today about a San Diego Padres’ farm team using the old Pac Man style font on their new uniforms.  And while the Padres have no immediate plans to trade their navy and gold colour scheme in for the brown and yellow of their past, by revisiting their vintage uniforms, the Tucson Padres are clearly taking a step in the right direction.

Here is a brief pictorial history of Padres’ uniforms, or more accurately, cool pictures of San Diego Padres players:

The only thing better than Dave Winfield’s confident pose for this picture is that he’s wearing a Converse All Star undershirt.

Rollie Fingers, in this late seventies uniform, is perhaps the only San Diego Padres player who could ever double as an actual padre.

Rich “Goose” Gossage sports the classic Padres kit from the mid eighties.

By 1987, the Padres dropped the yellow and red and started forcing their best players to pose for album covers.  Tony Gwynn is totally ripping off Lionel Richie here.

These brown jerseys from 1986 doubled as camouflaged for errant tobacco filled spit from the likes of John Kruk.

Andy Benes showcases his bunting skills and his team’s bringing back of the red colouring that highlighted their jerseys a decade earlier.

The Padres logo and white jersey hasn’t changed much from the one that David Wells used in 2004.  The under arm stains are his own making and have nothing to do with the design.

After their final win of 2010, Heath Bell and Yorvit Torrealba high five each other over the prospect of having better looking uniforms in the future.