Exemplary Human Raises Stock

From the “I always thought he was better at life than me but now I know for sure” files, the Kyodo news service reports today that Mariners star outfielder and superhuman comic book hero Ichiro Suzuki donated 100 million Yen to the Japanese Red Cross for earthquake relief efforts.

Ichiro, who last week declined to comment on the tragedy as he gathered information, refused to comment on his incredibly generous donation. Y100 million converts to more than $1.2 million dollars based on current rates, or nearly 7% of Ichiro’s annual salary. The Mariners have graciously stepped up and offered to match all donations from fans during the team’s season opening homestand.

This is only the most recent example of Ichiro’s charity. Suzuki donated Y10 million (more than $100 000 USD) just one month ago to an area of Japan hard-hit by volcanic activity.

As far as baseball goes, the Japanese Central league plans to begin their season on time (March 25th) though the Pacific League may delay the start to their year as many of teams are based in affected areas.

While few people reading this post have the extra scratch to donate 7% of their annual salary to relief efforts, hopefully we can all find some cash in the couch cushions to help those impacted by this incredible tragedy. It’s what Ichiro! would want.

Hat tip to MLB.com’s Greg Johns.