Francisco Angers Teixeira

For whatever reason, I kind of get a kick out of these little urination contests that emerge every Spring.   We previously discussed the Barry Zito / Prince Fielder showdown and the Bill Hall / Cole Hamels incident.  Today, we learn that New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira isn’t an enormous fan of Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Ben Francisco’s style of baseball.

In the fourth inning of today’s Spring tilt between the Yankees and Phillies, Francisco attempted to knock the ball out of Teixeira’s glove after the first baseman picked up his weakly hit grounder down the line.

According to Teixeira, who shook his head at Francisco after collecting the out:

That’s not baseball. That’s not a hustle play, there is no reason for it. He could hurt me or hurt himself.

If asked to comment, I’m sure Alex Rodriguez would decline.