Francisco Angers Teixeira

For whatever reason, I kind of get a kick out of these little urination contests that emerge every Spring.   We previously discussed the Barry Zito / Prince Fielder showdown and the Bill Hall / Cole Hamels incident.  Today, we learn that New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira isn’t an enormous fan of Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Ben Francisco’s style of baseball.

In the fourth inning of today’s Spring tilt between the Yankees and Phillies, Francisco attempted to knock the ball out of Teixeira’s glove after the first baseman picked up his weakly hit grounder down the line.

According to Teixeira, who shook his head at Francisco after collecting the out:

That’s not baseball. That’s not a hustle play, there is no reason for it. He could hurt me or hurt himself.

If asked to comment, I’m sure Alex Rodriguez would decline.

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  1. It’s a little much for a ST game, though, isn’t it?

  2. “Urination contents”?

  3. Agreed. It’s part of the unwritten rules that infielders don’t block their bags like catchers block a plate, and runners don’t try to slide with their spikes or body checking the fielders, but I think it’s also part of The Code to take your lumps when you his a slow roller down the first base line . . . especially in Spring Training.

  4. I meant contest. Thanks.

  5. If this were 2003, we might be more concerned with “urination contents”

  6. Speaking of low-ball moves by Gay-rod, remember the “mine” call on the routine pop up?

  7. Well if Teix hates that style of cheap play why did he go to the Yankees where players fake being hit by pitches? Call its my when rounding the bases? etc etc

  8. @Steelslayer: Don’t you know A-Rod is too good to pay any attention to those silly little unwritten rules, and the people lower on the baseball totem pole than his worship, who keep trying to enforce them on him? They should be fawning before his greatness, rather than attacking his douchey oversights.

    @dc: Or the [Getting Blanked]ing catcher on the Yankees, who once dragged Rod Barajas around by the chest protector during a bench clearing brawl. Stay classy Yankee [Getting Blanked]s. Stay classy. Then make sure you bitch, whine, moan and carp as loudly as possible when other teams pull the exact same [Getting Blanked]. Dinks.

    @Travis Reitsma: Moises Alou was not afraid of his own urination contents. Good for toughening up the hands, so you can take your hacks without wearing girly batting gloves.

  9. Toughening up the hands…Avoiding blisters.


    Know what I’m sayin’? ;)

  10. Gawd, and can still hear Tony Kubek telling that pickle juice story about frakking Al Leiter’s blisters for the seven-billionth time.

    The only people worse than baseball announcers for yakkety-yak are the March Madness doofs.

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