Nary a tear was shed among the faithfuls of Toronto Blue Jays nation when the team lost Brad Emaus to the New York Mets in December’s Rule Five draft.  Three months later, the former New Hampshire Fisher Cat and Las Vegas 51 is set to become the next starting second baseman for the Metropolitans.

When his main competition for the role, Justin Turner was demoted to Minor League Camp, the disappointed middle infielder had this to say:

I’m sure Brad is feeling pretty good about himself right now.

So, did the Blue Jays make a mistake in leaving Emaus unprotected?

Put simply, yes.  While the latest edition of the New York Mets roster isn’t as difficult to crack as a Class TXTL-60 safe, and not everyone is sold on the soon to be 25 year old, the Blue Jays were holding on to a number of options that were far more expendable than a young second baseman who put up a combined .847 OPS in Double A and Triple A last season while getting on base almost 40% of the time.

Was protecting Scott Richmond as the team’s 10th ranked right handed reliever really a necessity?  Did Mike McCoy really offer anywhere close to the amount of upside that Emaus did?  The answer to those questions should have been “no,” and the Mets, presumably acting on the advice of J.P. Ricciardi who drafted Emaus to the team in the 11th round of the 2007 draft, did well to spot him as an available target.