The National Post’s John Lott is tweeting that Blue Jays starter Brandon Morrow will start the season on the Disabled List with right forearm inflammation.

Toronto’s number two starter had a break out year in 2010 and was projected by many to continue to build on his success.  His last start of the Spring was a successful outing against the New York Yankees five days ago.  The right hander threw for five innings, striking out six, walking three batters and giving up only three hits.

After the appearance, manager John Farrell noticed that something was lacking.

Maybe he wasn’t quite as powerful as last time out, but very good assortment of pitches.

Lott is now tweeting that Morrow’s time on the DL will be “backdated” to the outing against the Yankees, meaning that he could only miss a single start.

The Blue Jays rotation will now go Ricky Romero, Kyle Drabek, Brett Cecil, Jo-Jo Reyes and Jesse Litsch, sticking with the order currently being used in Spring Training.

Last season, Morrow’s 10.95 K/9 was the highest in baseball among starters that threw at least 140 innings.

Morrow has a long history of injuries, and was done no favours by the Seattle Mariners organization as their development path for the prospect switched back and forth between reliever and starter.

According to Morrow has spent time on the Disabled List every Spring since 2008 with various injuries to his right arm. Last year, he came back from the DL on April 3rd after right shoulder soreness, the year before it was right forearm soreness, and the year before that it was right shoulder soreness again.

The Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin has quotes from Alex Anthopoulos:

Brandon was just making his case that he feels good. It’s one of those things where we’re being extra cautious. Especially with the ability to backdate the disabled list. Really, we’re talking about him missing a start. He is adamant that he can go. We just want to let everything calm down for four or five days. Why try to rush when it’s only one start.

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  2. oooohhh {Getting Blanked}

  3. I guess that means Jo-Jo, Litsch and Drabek make the starting rotation for opening day.

  4. The fact that all we’ve heard so far is one very matter-of-fact sentence is a little foreboding. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

  5. Jeebus. Isn’t that how Litsch and everybody else’s TJ surgery came about? Forearm tightness is typically the precursor to a visit to Dr Andrews. Fuck.

  6. From Lott: Rotation will be Romero, Drabek, Cecil, Reyes, Litsch.


  7. Damn. His progress this spring was a major highlight for me, to the extent that he was #1 in my mental rotation.

  8. Now JoJo will get his chance to shine!!! /optimistic

  9. Only supposed to miss one start. Hopefully that’s how it’ll actually happen.

  10. Man this sucks, he’s been doing so well. I guess Zippy is back into the race to take his spot for now

  11. Buy low candidate in Fantasy from panicked owners? #silverlining.

    As a Jays fan, please be only the 1 start.

  12. damn… Brandon Morrow is sexy

  13. Hasn’t Morrow already had TJ?

  14. FRAAAAAA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA K! Can’t we PLEASE get through one year without a starting pitcher blowing out his arm? Maybe shutting him down early last year was the right move after all. And maybe Cito letting him throw a zillion pitches in that near no-no was a (blank)ing bad idea.

    But I’m going to blame Brad Arnsburg for this one too. One more won’t matter.

  15. I wish the Jays starting pitching could stay as healthy as Tampa Bay’s does just for one season.

  16. FWIW, according to Buster Olney: “The Jays’ Brandon Morrow will start the year on the DL with a forearm strain — a muscular strain. If it was the playoffs, he would pitch.”

    I’m assuming this is more of a precautionary measure.

  17. “I wish the Jays starting pitching could stay as healthy as Tampa Bay’s does just for one season.”

    You mean like last season?

  18. I’m sure it is nothing serious, the jays are now taking a lot of precautions to their young arms.

  19. Josh, Morrow is pretty-boy bland. Maybe if he’d actually be animated once and a while I’d revise my opinion. Ty, those are pretty eyes though.

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