On one hand, the photo-realistic t-shirt is always, always a bad choice. Bordering on terrible, really. There is almost nothing redeemable about an abomination of this magnitude.

Buying a shirt like this is nothing more than a window into a deeply troubled & lonely soul. Wearing a t-shirt like this makes someone who breaks the jersey rules (laid out earlier today) look like an editor for The Sartorialist.

On the other hand, Timmy!

Tim Lincecum can salvage just about anything from the deepest depths of despair. (For reference see: Giants, San Francisco circa 2004-2007.) Not to say he makes this awfulness acceptable, but he comes much closer than any man has any right to expect.

Hat tip to Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly for tweeting the awesome image. Go buy his book!

Comments (5)

  1. Those shirts are awful. Burn down the factory.
    Although I wonder if Ross would put Lincecum’s name on the back or his own?

  2. Oh man, the colour of the mound makes it look like Ross is wearing a belly shirt. Do not want.

  3. Was just watching a little of the Giants and Angels game and Ross just left with a calf injury. Karmic justice?

  4. hey … anything with Timmy is great!!! :) … and the shirt is way cool!!! :)

  5. I love that you linked to The Sartorialist, as this blog and that blog are my top two work distractions of all time ever.
    Also, I love this shirt. I wouldn’t wear it, but I would encourage any of male friends to do so.

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