Above, is Minute Maid Park, the home of the Houston Astros.  Below, is Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers (obviously). It’s a little complicated to understand at first, but let me help. The blue dots represent home runs hit during the 2010 season and the orange are fly balls. Simple right? Not so simple, actually — There’s a catch.

The dots at Minute Maid Park (top) are the homers and fly outs from Dodger Stadium (by every batter) and the Dodger Stadium visual displays the homers and fly outs hit at Minute Maid Park.

This is used to display how crazy the different dimensions are and putting in to perspective what kind of numbers you’d see if the Dodgers played at Minute Maid and the Astros played in LA.  This also shows just how awkward the Minute Maid dimensions are, as it’s more of a “squeezed” version of Dodger Stadium.

Anyway, enjoy!

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Data in this post courtesy of Katron.org