Earlier this week in the Los Angeles Times, T.J. Simers wrote about confronting Marcus Thames in the clubhouse:

“Are you that horrible on defense that teams don’t think it’s worth playing such a home run threat?” I asked by way of introduction.

Maybe somebody else wastes time schmoozing with Tims/Tems, but he’s a one-year rental who has some explaining to do. How bad are you on defense that teams don’t dare risk playing you?

I’m no stranger to pointing out mistakes when people make them.  It’s something that a critic is supposed to do.  And while my criticisms are usually aimed at writers and reporters who show a certain knack for ignorance, I don’t really have any problems writing about the mistakes that a baseball player makes either.  As such, I shouldn’t have any problems with confronting baseball players with the mistakes that a writer believes he makes.

However, there’s a difference between honest curiosity and trying to provoke a reaction.  Think of the chemistry student who accidentally causes a thermite reaction because he’s curious about ferric oxide versus the clever kid who knowingly destroys his school’s science department by purposely causing a fiery reaction.

Simers is just such a little bugger.  And as such, I didn’t want to link to the story of his boorish behaviour, which was almost universally condemned by every baseball writer online.

In addition to those baseball writers, a particular player took it upon himself to stand up for his former teammate Thames, who, to his credit, remained silent to the foolish little writer’s insults.  New York Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson tweeted his thoughts on Simers’ column.

I don’t like to criticize media. They have a job to do & sometimes have to be the bad guy. But @LATimesTJSimers should be ashamed of himself … Marcus Thames is one of the best teammates/ friends I’ve ever had. He brings 100% to every team he is with. I love him like a brother.

And just in case that isn’t enough to make Granderson your favourite New York Yankee, there’s also this:

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  1. Goddammit. I had avoided listening to that song up until now.

    I got Rebec’rolled!

  2. Agreed on all points. Granderson is just a cool dude.

    And he probably will be my favourite Yankee, especially now that Brett Gardner probably doesn’t count as massively under rated anymore.

  3. i don’t like what the end of that video implies

  4. Rebecca Black > Robin Black

  5. cool fact that made me go OMG: Granderson has had a 7+ war season.

  6. Picking my favourite Yankee is like picking my favourite bedbug.

  7. Agreed. Granderson is now my favourite Yankee. Never had one before…now I do.

  8. I wonder if they cleared these songs? Also interesting that Rural Alberta Advantage can be seen in the playlist…

  9. Syphilis Should Be Your Favorite Venereal Disease.

  10. He should’ve stuck with the Tom Waits song…nobody better. Although “Sunday comes Afterwards” is such a brilliant lyric that I might have to change my opinion

  11. The Graaaaandy maaaaan caaaaan!!!

  12. Come on man, total continuity error – she clearly wasn’t listed under the “R” artists.

  13. This makes me like Granderson more than I already do

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