Bad news for fans of outfield defense played at its absolute apex: Mariners centerfielder (who also happens to be the best defensive outfielder in the game) Franklin Gutierrez is still experiencing health issues and hasn’t played or participated in full workouts in more than a week. The start of Death to Flying Thing’s season is officially in doubt as doctors struggle to diagnosis the source of his issues.

Larry LaRue of the Tacoma News Tribune reports these stomach ailments began bothering Gutierrez more than a year ago, with a recent (and vague) diagnosis claiming he suffers from a “slow digestive system.” At the risk of speculating, I’m going to assume everything about this situation is pretty gross.

Whenever I see “mystery ailments” in the same sentence as a baseball player’s name, I can’t help but think of poor Rocco Baldelli. Not to say this situation is similar, but an inability to eat and process food properly doesn’t bode well for a high-level athlete like Gutierrez.

Luckily the Mariners are working with D.T.F.T on a whole new diet, hopefully eliminating the troublesome foodstuffs that jam him up. God help him if he must switch to a liquid diet, as that would be disgusting.