Jays Just Biden Their Time

Prior to last night’s Spring Training game against the New York Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays were delayed an entire half hour from entering the visitor’s clubhouse, as the Yankees met with Vice President Joe Biden at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

Cathal Kelly has some of the details:

Biden’s route to the field went through the visitor’s clubhouse. You know, the place where the Blue Jays were supposed to be.

As much as the Blue Jays were supposed to be there and as much as it’s fun to mock procedural security, we are talking about the Vice President of the United States.  Are we forgetting about how many nut jobs there are in Florida?

So a few early arrivals for the night game found themselves standing behind the same chain-link gate.

The five of them stared forlornly at the door to the visitors’ clubhouse, ten paces away. A military looking type in a loose-fitting suit eyed them steadily from across the tunnel.

My heart really goes out to the five professional baseball players who have to wait behind a fence for a few minutes.  Come on.  This isn’t families being forced apart.  This is a bunch of ballplayers who at worst, might have to skip their card game in order to get dressed and on the field at the proper time.

At this point, the Jays’ bus, carrying the bulk of the team, had arrived and was being told it could not enter.

Sacre bleu.  Don’t they know who they are?

The five early arrivals were admitted, apparently on the basis that they look like baseball players.

At least Travis Snider was good enough to offer up a sympathetic shake of the head to those lesser men still not permitted the sanctity of the place Joe Biden had been half an hour before.

It’s one thing to think that the security of the second in command of the United States of America is more important than baseball players, but the media, too?  I only have one question: How dare they?

Ten minutes later . . . the bus could finally enter.

Half an hour late, the rest of the Jays hit the clubhouse, already presenting their regular season blasé faces.

To me, this little incident, at most, deserves a mention at the end of a game summary: The Jays were delayed earlier this evening from entering their clubhouse after Vice President Joe Biden dropped in to meet with several members of the New York Yankees.

Instead we get a blow by blow account, slanted to incite us to shake our heads or feel outraged at the disrespect shown to the Blue Jays and members of the following media.  Come on.  It was a thirty minute delay.  I sometimes have to wait that long to order a sandwich from Subway.

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  1. I don’t know. I think the piece was written pretty tongue-in-cheek by a guy who generally writes pretty tongue in cheek pieces y’know?

  2. That’s a lot of motorcycles.

    I take issue with the fact that the Yanks, with their legendary arrogance, did not give the team a heads up. I don’t care that the Jays had to wait a few minutes, but I am bothered by the fact that the Yanks and the Secret Service and everybody else involved here don’t have the respect to, at a baseball game, let the other team know. Unless that happened and the author didn’t mention it.

    Also, the VP of the United States of America, and his well paid entourage, surely have better things to do (Libya, attacks on middle class, science and reason by the GOP) with the resources that something like this will cost if, in fact, there were 300 motorcycles. I would hope that the VP would have more respect for his broke ass constituents.

    Elites pandering to elites is all fine and dandy until it upsets my Jays… or something.

  3. Slow day, Parkes? I think you’re staring at this a little too hard…..

  4. Yeah, seriously, what the hell is Biden doing visiting the Yanks? Didn`t he represent Jersey when he was a Senator? Shouldn`t he hate the Yanks and love the Mets or the Dodgers or something? Just another politician out of touch with his constituents.

  5. OK, 150 motorcycles, sorry for the wrong info up above. I want one. Why does the VP get 150?!

  6. Welp, Joe Biden just RUINED the entire baseball season for the Jays….wake me up in November.

  7. You’re way off here, Parkes. The entire piece was meant to be light-hearted, and I found it interesting as these final days of Spring Training drag on.

    I think the angle Kelly took – how dare we wait for the vice president!!! – was great, and you either intentionally or mistakenly missed the sentence of the story that proves it’s tongue in cheek, and that’s when Aaron Hill says, “Tell him it’s me.”

    If Kelly’s intent was to show outrage there’s no way that quote makes the story.

    It was a fun column, and a welcome change from the ordinary.

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