As the Barry Bonds trial continues in San Francisco today, here’s a look back to July 9, 2002 when Bonds posed for photos with his god-father Willie Mays before the Major League Baseball All-Star game at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bonds went on that year to put up a 1.381 OPS and collect a staggering 13.0 wins above replacement with a .546 weighted on base average.

Here, Bonds jokingly picks up Toril Hunter after the center fielder caught a ball hit by him at the wall in the first inning of the All Star Game.

This is Bonds the day before hanging out with Sammy Sosa and Jimmy Rollins as Sosa gets a bottle of water from his son Sammy Jr.

This is just one of my favourite pictures of Bonds from that year.  Here he is pointing at the Chicago Cubs’ dugout after getting his second walk from pitcher Matt Clement during the fourth inning of a game on August 8, 2002 in San Francisco. At the time, Bonds was one away from 600 home runs.

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  1. Your Bonds apologist bullshit act is getting tiresome.

  2. That is a fucking amazing season.

  3. Look at those forearms. Yikes.


  5. I’m still surprised that no one signed Bonds for the 2008 season. In 2007, at 42, he had 132 walks and an OPS of 1.045. I believe that the commissioners office gave all 30 teams orders not to sign him. Not like Bonds would have demanded a large contract to play – he made $189 million dollars in his career.

  6. What does that even mean?

    Egg Management Fee.

  7. Ugh…I’m tired of Simon-types. I hate how we have to listen to what a terrible person Barry Bonds is for the next few months. We get it. Fuck. Because, you know, he was the first person ever to lie to a grand jury, like ever in the history of the world. And he did it over THE MOST important thing ever in the world, a game.

    Just Ugh.

    He was a magnificent player and he was unfairly blacklisted from baseball prior to the 2008 season.

    Is he a great person? Maybe not, but neither was Ty Cobb; why the fuck does it matter so much.

  8. Not to take away too much from 13 WAR, but it should be noted that a Barry Bonds imposter replacement player probably could have posted 2 or 3 WAR that year. (It helps to have over 50 IBB plus whatever number on intentional non-intentional BB’s.)

    And 13 WAR is worth 60M dollars according to Fangraphs. I’m pretty sure that’s higher than the Pirates and Marlins entire payrolls. Sickening.

  9. Simon is clearly a troll. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so inclined to have his name say “Simon says” If you’re looking for a slow clap, look elsewhere.

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