Watching this promotional video for Rogers Sportsnet gives me the same feeling as I got watching Armageddon when it first came out. I know it’s manipulative drivel, but goddamn it if it doesn’t make me hope that the Blue Jays destroy that meteor hurtling toward the American League East so that Ben Affleck and the rest of the team can continue their careers in a Toronto Blue Jays uniform.

Or as Drew Fairservice said, “It gave me douche chills.”

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  1. Slo-mo Jose Bautista trot = MAKE IT FRIDAY NOW.

  2. I guess I’m just not the sentimental type because I just can’t get past the fact that the lyrics don’t fit the occasion at all. It’s not like the Jays moved to another town and are coming back looking for redemption. They just has an off-season. They have those every year. Now if the Jays were returning to the playoffs, I might get behind some dramatic statement of return and/or redemption but in this case I find the juxtaposition of song to event simply jarring.

  3. Nice day if it doesn’t rain.

  4. Manipulative? Sure, but it’s commercial, aren’t they designed to be that way? I have nothing bad to say about it, in fact I love it. Love the pain of yesterday part with Lind and Hill, the JBau HR trot, the over head shot of the dome. I for one can’t wait until Friday, embrace the douche chills. They’re coming home.

  5. You could play “Friday” to that promo video and I’d still get chills.

  6. Of all the Sportsnet fails, this is not one of them. It is definitely a great ad if it can take a song I hate and make me like it.

  7. Douche Chills – 3 parts Heart, 2 parts Hustle, 1 part Vodka.

  8. The first half of this ad has been popping up on non-sports channels, like CTV. Loved the scene at around 53 sec. – buncha guys cheering, jumping around while a size large Yankee fan beside them watches glumly. Must’ve been a Burnett outing.

  9. Anyone see the promotion where they were showing off stats? I think it was the James Brown song or something… Bautista 54 HRs, Escobar, double play specialist.. Travis Snider, .980 fielding percentage

    hhahaa of all things to show off on a player, a .980 OF fielding percentage..

  10. The funny thing is, Affleck is a huge Red Sox fan. He sort of jizzes all over them in that crappy movie The Town he directed.

  11. I love this. It beats the living shit out of the idiocy that was dudes dressed in feathers and suits that we had to sit through last year.

    They have soul. They are super bad.

  12. I hate that I’m a sucker for drivel like this, though I obviously am. And if they’d included Bautista’s ‘(blanked) you’ glare after hitting that second HR off the Yankees I’d have been even more into it. Darn them tapping into that kernel of hope that doesn’t make this ad seem too ridiculous and laughable.

    ….Is it Friday yet?

    I wish I wasn’t one of about four die hard baseball fans left west of Ontario.

  13. Yeah, fuck. Every fucking kid out here (Alberta) is either a Yankee fan or some Red Sox cumstain. It doesn’t help that every time I bring up Andy Pettite’s xFIP to someone they just yell ‘BUT HE’S CLUTCH!!!!’. The video is way better when you see the whole thing.. When you just catch the first four seconds it kind of leaves you wanting.

  14. They completely bit this off the Melo promo video when he went to the knicks:


  15. We should all be proud we haven’t fallen so deep into a life of cycnicism that we can still enjoy shit like this.


  16. I loved it.
    Go Jays!
    I’m trading for Bautista in every Fanatsy League I’m in.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to clown college.

  17. I have serious flesh of chicken after watching this. Friday Friday Friday, gettin’ down on Friday!

  18. The biggest douche moment comes at the 47 second mark. That guy is an uberdouche. As for the song “Comin’ Home”, I think it refers more to the fact that they’re coming home from spring training in Dunedin to the regular season in T.O.

  19. coming home to the concrete wasteland of a “ball park” inked with corporate hodge podge and advertising which showcases no blue jays nostalgia whatsoever, it makes me sick the way baseball is marketed in this city. baseball is built on tradition and not propaganda. f**k rogers.

  20. Blue in the face – ok boss, at what point does a team merit being elevated to something special? After the next world series win? After the next playoff appearance?

    No, you have to market a team as something you can watch AS IT HAPPENS, not after it happened. They have milked 92-93 until the cow was dead. This marketing has to be about how TODAY’S team is worth watching, not yesterdays, not tomorrow’s, and the people who designed this spring’s promo’s understand that very very well.

  21. Yeah, coming to our ugly, half full on a good day home.

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