Opening Day is less than a week away.  Not much more matters than this.  But in case you want to get the baseball party rolling early, I’ll remind you one last time before we hit the links that tonight at 7:00 PM in Toronto at Opera Bob’s (Dundas and Ossington), Jonah Keri will be joining us to talk about his new book, The Extra 2%.  If you’re not coming to hear him speak, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you hate baseball.

Now, let’s get caught up on all we missed over the weekend.

And The Rest

The Yankees have set their rotation and their best starter this Spring is the odd man out.  Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia will comprise the back end of the rotation and Bartolo Colon will begin the year in the bullpen.

In a move that screams, we were probably going to release him anyway, the Washington Nationals traded Nyjer Morgan to the Milwaukee Brewers for Lenny Dykstra’s son.  Morgan bumps Brandon Boggs from the active roster and will be the team’s fourth outfielder.

Tim Stauffer will be the San Diego Padres opening day starter.  Yeah, I’m gonna stick with the Colorado Rockies to come out of that division.

Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade made the call and his team will pay Carlos Silva $6 million, while also collecting $5.5 million from the Seattle Mariners, to sit at home.  Surprisingly, Silva actually had a pretty good season last year.  Getting into fights with teammates and throwing the pitching coach under the bus this Spring likely didn’t help his cause.

Apparently, having a guy with 30 saves on your roster is a good sign you’ll make the playoffs.  I had no clue baseball expanded their post season to 14 teams last year.  Thank God both the Mariners and Royals made it.

Everyone knows you need more than a solid closer to make the playoffs.  To create a winner you have to find winners.

Bronson Arroyo has mononucleosis.  And I didn’t even know Arroyo went backpacking in Europe over the offseason.

Corey Patterson took a pitch from Dan Bard off the back of the head.  He had no concussion symptoms, but the Blue Jays will be cautious.

More than a month after coming to camp, Russell Branyan made the Arizona Diamonbacks.  It only took God seven days to make most of what we know.  Yet, the Branyan thing may be more impressive.

Unfortunately, Mike Hampton’s attempts to make the Diamondbacks fell a bit short and the pitcher has decided to call it a day.  The $125 million he made over his career should make for a nice compensation prize.

Talking hypocrisy over the Barry Bonds trial.  The man with the t-shirt speaks his mind.

For being barely literate, Jose Canseco’s streak of being right about steroids remains intact.

Dan Shaughnessy continues his pursuit of being more moronic than anyone else alive.

It sounds as though a few members of the Tampa Bay Rays could use an extra 2% of security this Spring after being burglarized.

The Buck Showalter Showalter’s comments about Theo Epstein aggravated Terry Francona a little bit twice.

The Washington Nationals defend small ball in their radio ads because sometimes you believe in the stats and sometimes you’ll believe in the player.  Personally, I like to believe in the more likely outcome.

Would baseball consider ridding themselves of the Tampa Bay Rays and then pursuing some ownership musical chairs?

I’m not sure if I want A-Rod to star in a romantic comedy set in Major League Baseball or not.  On one hand, it will be terrible, but on the other, the jokes will write themselves.  No word on who the other male lead would be.

If you don’t remember the last time MLB did this, here’s an interview with Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria to gnash your teeth over.

Clint Barmes will start the season after breaking his hand when it was struck by an Ivan Nova pitch over the weekend.  The Astros don’t exactly have the deepest of middle infields, so the opening day starter at shortstop should be an interesting choice.

The Astrodome is still alive, but what’s to become of it?

FanGraphs introduces its list of top 100 prospects, just in time for me to further lament my picks in my fantasy keeper leagues.

Gregg Zaun’s borderline racist comments provided by Gregg Zaun: