The fine people behind Stat Attack on The Score asked Andrew Stoeten and I to join them and talk about numbers for the coming baseball season.  It’s not quite as awkward as it sounds, but any television personality that I criticize at any point for the rest of the year would do well to keep this video in their back pocket.

Self aware, much?

The entire show will air this afternoon at 5:00 PM ET on The Score.  I’ll post the rest of the segments for your mocking as they become available.

And for the record, I’m not certain that even I understand what I’m trying to say about C.C. Sabathia, but I think it has something to do with big framed guys relying on more than a fastball tend to last.

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  1. Can you sign a beer bottle for me?

  2. I don’t know sign language, but waving a $20 bill at the bar seems to work fine.

  3. Long time reader of Getting Blanked and DJF, and a first time “poster” on your blog. I honestly felt like I had to say something about this internet video.

    I’ve never watched stat attack before; I only watched it to see you and Stoeten talking baseball. I was ecstatic to see you and Andrew Stoeten on internet talking about how wins and saves are not the end all statistics. I feel they are such finicky statistics. So much depends on your team. Example- Defence committing errors (for both teams), your runs support and your bullpen holding the game so the pitcher can get the win.

    I personally would like to see more TV appearances from you and Stoeten. And continue the good work at the Score.

  4. This has so much awesome on it. Good job guys, I’m really looking forward to seeing the rest at 5pm

  5. Thanks a lot, guys. Appreciate it. It’s funny. I didn’t want to be a total Debbie Downer about the stats being brought up, but it’s pretty hard to talk so much [Getting Blanked] about pitching wins, saves and clutch stats on here and not live up to it elsewhere.

  6. Would love to see you and Stoeten at the very least do a 5 min filmed ‘week in review’ along the lines of what the guys at TBJ do.

    Great work.

  7. The fact that you dismissed Wins and Saves on a National television station is actually quite huge. I’ve never seen it done before. #Winning

  8. One thing is not like the others…..Stoetan has no papers with him and the other 3 guys do. Either Stoetan is so damn smart he doesn’t need papers to remind him of stuff or he was too hungover and forgot to bring them.

  9. The video at my work is flagged as inappropriate content. :-(

  10. In fairness, Stoeten’s full frontal nudity was a bit much.

  11. Excellent! Nice to see a format like this done without the MLB Network-type bluster. I’d also like to see this revisited a few times during the year.

  12. Yeah, seems a little ironic that you guys go on TV with a guy lobbing you questions about 300 W and 600 S guys, given what you actually write about. Nice to see you rip into them a bit but you both are definitely holding back. I get the sense that if you’d really spoken your mind the host would have been like, “what am I doing here?”

  13. I didn’t realize how much Parkes looks like Adam Lind.

  14. ps paul brothers is a super douche. .

  15. I’ve met him a few times and beg to differ.

    Regardless. . Why do you look so much like Adam Lind?

  16. I liked your sign language joke Dustin. It’s not very often that sign is used as a verb. I thought that was really clever. Say, how big are your feet?

  17. Great job! There is no way that I would’ve been able to do that as smoothly. Did the host have any idea of what your responses were going to be? There were a couple of awkward pauses after Parkes’ rants on those stats.

  18. Hahaha. It’s like the host is out of his element. At least he doesn’t try to argue differently. Good on Parkes for talking the talk and walking the walk.

  19. For the record, I did not like the sign language joke.

  20. There is no record!

  21. Good on you for pointing out the deficiencies of those statistics on television. You’re like the Jay Bilas of that panel.

  22. Watched so I know can put a voice to the tweets and awesome blogs. Did not disappoint.

  23. Parkes is the shit. Met him tonight. Was really cool. talked to everybody at the bar and he had opinions about everything you asked him about. Awesome time.

  24. Very well done, Parkes (and Stoeten, if you happen to read this). The world definitely needs more shows like this.

    Incidentally, Pos touched on the issue of the starting pitcher and their role in winning a game in a recent post, and using Bill James’ theories, figures that starting pitching is only 25% of a game, which is even worse than the 50% you posit.

  25. C’mon, kind of funny you get to do this segment, on a show called “Stat Attack”, and your first two topics are Wins and Saves.

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