Blue Jays Acquire Jayson Nix

Shortly after confirming that Jose Bautista would be counted on as the everyday right fielder and Edwin Encarnacion would get another chance at third base, the Toronto Blue Jays acquired third baseman Jayson Nix from the Cleveland Indians for some cash.

After losing the Spring Training futility infielder fight to Adam Everett, which is not an easy feat, Nix was expected to be traded or sent through the waiver wire.

In order to make room for Nix on the 40 man roster, Jesse Carlson was placed on the 60 Day Disabled List, suffering from an inability to recover from Cito Gaston’s missuse two years ago a shoulder injury.  It’s expected that Nix’s place on the active roster at the end of Spring Training will be opened after Corey Patterson is placed on the 7 Day or 15 Day Disabled List after getting a Daniel Bard fastball in the head a few days ago.

Given the defensive flexibility of the Blue Jays lineup, Nix should feel right at home in Toronto.  While he’s played more games at second base than anywhere else, the 28 year old can play any spot on the left side of the infield and either corner outfield positions as well.  Unfortunately, you’re not getting much more than defensive flexibility from Nix, whose highest career on base percentage was the .308 he put up in 2009 over 290 plate appearances with the Chicago White Sox.

Last year with the White Sox and Indians, Nix actually had a negative Wins Above Replacement number, meaning that just about anybody would’ve been a better option for his two ball clubs.

I would be absolutely shocked if Nix finished the season on the active roster of the Toronto Blue Jays.  If you think I’m being unnecessarily harsh on Nix, please note that his walk up music is Bad Girlfriend by Theory Of A Deadman.

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  1. Is there any reason for him to still be around once Patterson comes back? I can’t imagine him beige anything more than a two-week rental. Even then, he’s buried pretty far down on the depth chart. Mac’s a better defensive infield option and Nix is at best the team’s 5th outfielder (6th if he’s behind McCoy). Just a warm body to prevent them from having to call up somebody like Thames in Patterson’s absence.

  2. yet another thing that makes me wonder why they left emaus unprotected.

  3. If I were him, I’d have gone with this.

  4. What a pointless waste of space on this roster.

  5. Does this mean Patterson will be the first player in the MLB to make use of the new 7 day DL… how exciting!

  6. “If you think I’m being unnecessarily harsh on Nix, please note that his walk up music is Bad Girlfriend by Theory Of A Deadman.”

    Oh no. This is getting out of hand. As fans, we cannot let this travesty occur.

  7. Theory of a Deadman? Ugh. On the other side of the coin, my appreciation for Aaron Hill increased when he picked ‘Stranglehold’ by Ted Nugent as his walkout music.

  8. @prankmunky. Paterson signed a minor league deal, so can be put on the minor league 7-day DL.

  9. Opps, nevermind. I must’ve missed that new policy. Sorry you were 100% correct prankymunky

  10. I think McCoy will be the odd man out when Patterson comes back as he has options left. Nix will play his way off the roster soon enough though. Nix also has the right to refuse demotion even if he clears waivers so I’d think that McCoy would be sent down in the short term.

    Also, I lost a lot of respect for Hill when I found out he was an avid fan of George W. Bush…

  11. Travis: Nix is out of options, but if you release a guy with a negative WAR, aren’t you technically getting better? If Patterson is only gone for a week then I can’t see Nix as anything more than a warm body to put on the bench rather than making a guy like Thames miss the first week of the AAA season just to sit on the MLB bench. Ultimately McCoy is more versatile defensively, so I’d keep him around over Nix.

  12. My point was simply that in the short term, Nix may stay to be given an extended shot at proving he belongs. I don’t think the Jays would have grabbed him for a week. Don’t get me wrong, I think in a month, Nix is gone, but if you can send McCoy down to make your “cash considerations” seem worth it then do it. Unless he’s particularly awful, of course.

  13. @Ty: You’re only getting better if the player you replace him with has a less negative WAR. Same as replacing any other player. As I don’t believe the Blue Jays have such a back-up second baseman other than “maybe” McCoy, then no.

    The real question is how Jayson Nix got to play in 109 major league games last year. I guess the Indians really were that bad.

  14. John McDonald is above replacement level for his career, Scott.

    Purely a depth move, this. In a couple months, we’ll have completely forgotten he was ever on the team.

  15. Joe Inglett is a guy who would help in this role.

  16. In reading these posts all of you thought you were pretty smart, Coincidentally enough, Nix is contributing with 9 hits including 2 Homers, 8 RBI and a respectable .310 average (as of April 14th) while playing very solid D in the field (would much rather see him play 3rd than butter fingers Encarnacion).

    The pessimistic attitude is so sad for a guy who finally (remember, he was a first round pick in the 2001 Supplemental Draft) has a chance to produce in T.O. with his hustle, pop and versatility.

    • Coincidentally enough, it’s only been 31 plate appearances, so let’s not get too crazy with the Nix love. And for the record, Encarnacion scores higher in defensive metrics than Nix at third base last year. Again, it’s ten games that they’ve played.

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