As I mentioned yesterday, the fine people behind Stat Attack on The Score asked Andrew Stoeten and I to join them and talk about numbers for the coming baseball season.  Just in case you weren’t totally turned off by my stammering in part one, here I am again bringing my total lack of charisma to the small screen:

Grand slams?  Please.  More like luck homers.

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  1. Paul Brothers seems to be way out of his element talking stats with the likes of Parkes and Stoeten.

  2. In the still shot above it seems like Paul Brothers is looking at Parkes and thinking “I wonder if I can grow a non-patching beard like Parkes can? Probably not.”

    • Go easy on Brothers, it’s difficult being asked to talk about a wide range of sports. He carries himself well for someone who isn’t completely immersed in baseball. I’d hate to imagine me talking about any other sport.

  3. Ya sorry, I should have said talking baseball stats. As for me, I would totally be out of my element talking about another DIVISION within baseball lol.

  4. Yeah, I actually thought Brothers did a good job. Great on camera and knows enough to not embarrass himself for sure. I have a feeling Simon is one of those encyclopedic brains that knows just about everything about sports and if you brought him into the world of modern statistics, it wouldn’t take him long to buy in.

  5. When is Stoeten gonna get Arab Strap back together?

  6. First, wins then saves, and now grand slams?

  7. Hahaha, I’m with Drew on that Stoeten Arab Strap quip


  9. I’m interested in a date with you Dustin. Write me.

  10. I feel so vindicated when other people rip on A-Rod too.

  11. Don’t hate on Brothers. Dude came in prepared to answer the questions he studied for and Parkes tried to change the test midway through.

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