After a commenter asked for it in today’s chat, Drew Fairservice impressed the customer experience office at Getting Blanked by immediately putting together a picture of what Adrian Gonzalez’s 2010 spray chart at PETCO Park would look like at Fenway Park.

The red dots represent line outs, the orange dots represent fly outs, the light blue dots represent doubles and the dark blue dots represent home runs.  Last year, Gonzalez hit only 11 home runs and 12 doubles in his home park compared to 20 dingers and 22 doubles away.

This is the scariest thing I’ve seen since watching Josh Towers take batting practice cuts one afternoon.

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  1. Question is: do all those left field HRs clear the Monster?

    Of course, even if they don’t… this is trouble.

  2. This pic is definitely terrifying!

    Will the pitching in the AL have any effect on how he does?

  3. Oh My Lord….stupid me for passing on him in my draft and taking Cano.

  4. PdcD, yes you should be kicking yourself. I signed into my draft 1 minute late and realized i had first pick, my intention was to get Gonzalez, but yahoo autopicked longoria for me. not complaining too much with that though.

  5. So we’re at the very least looking at him doublying his home totals from last year. With the very realistic chance he nearly triples them?? lol

    3 words, 1 Acronym…. IBB!

  6. I think the safest way to look at this is that he probably gets more than 20 additional extra base hits playing in Fenway Park.

  7. Consider that of those 10 oranges dots just beyond the monster, I’m guessing 70% are single/doubles off the wall, not homers. All in all, this probably represents 5 extra jacks, and maybe a similar number of singles/doubles/triples once you account for the fact that smaller dimensions=less area to cover.

  8. I’m with Dougie on this. I count 6 or 7 extra out to right field, and most of the ones to left really aren’t that far beyond the wall. That means where they’re caught is close to the wall. Yes, that means a raise in doubles, but is that truly any different from Beltre/Martinez? Doubles in Fenway for a power hitter is not a huge deal. It’s par for the course.

    I’m in no way saying he’s going to have a disastrous season. I just don’t think it’s going to be this huge upgrade that suddenly changes everything. And facing AL pitching should balance this out a little bit (although playing in the NL West did mean a whole lot of Giants, it also meant a whole lot of D-backs).

  9. Maybe trying to lift hits higher to left will aggravate that shoulder of his. Hope is nice.

  10. But there’s also something to be said for weather effects. Cold April and May leads to the ball carrying less in cities like NY, Boston, Baltimore than it does in warm weather cities.

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