Aaron Hill suffered from a horrible BABIP in 2010. Well, most of that isn’t his fault. It’s funny because a hitter who strikes out as many times the Cubs have won a World Series over the past 100 years can have his end of season stats look really bad when it was not.

BABIP takes a look at your batting average only on balls put in play (obviously). A hitter such as Aaron Hill could just be hitting into the wrong spots on the diamond thus just being such a good hitter that he hits the ball into the wrong place time after time.


Ed. Note: Dave brings up a point about BABIP for hitters with which I don’t necessarily agree.  While major differences in BABIP from year to year should be looked at carefully before jumping to conclusions about a player’s performance at the plate, I believe you have to look at several other numbers before suggesting that a player was lucky or unlucky.  For a different take on what BABIP means for hitters, check out Jon Hale’s thoughts on the issue.

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