I’m sure one day the whole Brian Wilson phenomenon will get tired, but I’m quite simply not there yet.

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  1. It’s already tired. I hope he has a terrible, terrible season.

  2. I love how he pulls out a sharpie at the end to blacken his new set of “so orange that the batter can’t focus on the pitch” spikes!

  3. Almost looks like a Beetlejuice rip-off.

  4. I believe the term is homage.

  5. I don’t know that it will get tired. The dude is legitimately funny.

  6. Whadda character. Quickly becoming one of my favourite players.

  7. I love that he doesn’t take himself seriously and I also love that he can never play for the Yanks – unless he shaves – only then would I think he was a douche

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