Want to have your mind blown?  Like for realsies?  Are you sitting down right now?  Guess which pitcher has the most starts in all of baseball since 2001.  Yeah, I guess the huge picture of Barry Zito at the top of this post might have stolen my thunder a little bit because it is in fact, Captain Quirk.

The top five include Zito (339), Livan Hernandez (332), Mark Buehrle (331), C.C. Sabathia (322) and Javier Vazquez (320).  Amazing, no?

Less amazing is that Zito was in a car collision last night and had to be taken to hospital.

Zito was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles with unknown injuries. He was involved in a two-vehicle accident near the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Sunset Plaza Drive in the small suburb that borders Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, not far from where Zito has a home in the Hollywood Hills.

Officers are investigating the accident and that Zito is listed on the report as a “party to” the accident, which means that the officers did not deem him to be at fault.

Zito has since been released from hospital.

The Giants open the season today against the Dodgers, but Zito wasn’t scheduled to pitch until the finale of the series on Sunday.  San Francisco released Jeff Suppan just yesterday, meaning that Ryan Vogelsong would be the most likely to replace Zito if he requires any time on the Disabled List.

Zito takes a ton of guff, due mainly to the difference between his enormous 7 year, $126 million contract and his performance.  Once people get past the fact that he’s not an All-Star pitcher anymore, and past ridiculous Spring Training rumours, they can move on to the fact that he’s an ideal fifth starter on any team in baseball.  In addition to routinely hovering around 200 innings pitched every season, Zito will rarely leave his team out high and dry, and he can be counted on to show a few glimpses of the spectacular from time to time.

And The Rest:

Oakland A’s closer Andrew Bailey will start the season on the Disabled List with a right forearm strain.  You may remember that it was largely assumed that Bailey would be requiring Tommy John surgery after the reliever went down in pain, clutching his elbow, during a Spring Training appearance on March 14th.  Recent Oakland arrival Brian Fuentes is expected to fill in while Bailey recovers.  Depth!

Remember this article the next time someone tells you that the Minnesota Twins play baseball the right way.

Staying in Minneapolis, the Twins would like some cake, and they would wish to eat it too.

Ken Rosenthal’s bow ties now have an additional purpose other than merely making him look ridiculous.

There’s Mariano Rivera, and then there’s everyone else.  And I mean everyone.

Zack Greinke is probably going to be out a little bit longer than anticipated.

Baseball annuals are as much a part of the game now as the games themselves.

Frank Deford doesn’t like baseball interfering with his 6:00 PM bedtime.

Virginia’s Will Roberts threw a perfect game in college baseball.

Howard Bryant wants to remind you that baseball is better than any other sport of all time ever.

Derek Jeter gets a rare feature article treatment from the New York Daily News.

Just how disappointing to Nats fans is Jayson Werth going to be this season?

Finally, Bill James asks why we’re so good at developing athletes, but so lousy at developing writers.

Today’s Schedule:

Tigers at Yankees, 1:05PM (CC Sabathia vs. Justin Verlander).

Braves at Nationals, 1:05PM (Derek Lowe vs. Livan Hernandez).

Brewers at Reds, 2:10PM: (Yovanni Gallardo vs. Edinson Volquez).

Angels at Royals, 4:10PM:  (Jered Weaver vs. Luke Hochevar).

Padres at Cardinals, 4:15PM (Tim Stauffer vs. Chris Carpenter).

Giants at Dodgers, 8:00PM(Tim Lincecum vs. Clayton Kershaw).

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