Via the Twitter feed of great Baseball Prospectus writer Tommy Bennett comes this incredible screen capped image of, I think, Pete Rose. It’s either baseball’s hit crown owner and most shameless huckster or someone’s disapproving Nana.

At the risk of generalizing, I think “bubbie” better applies than “nana” in this instance.

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  1. Pretty sure that is an older screen grab of Marge Schott attending a Red’s home opener when she owned them.

  2. Not sure whats worse. The Bill Cosbyish jacket or his glasses.

  3. Bill Cosby would not wear that jacket if you filled the liner with Jello.

  4. That shit is far more Arsenio than Cosby, and more Sinbad than anything else.

  5. Coat – Fresh Prince
    Hat – Mighty Ducks
    Hair and Glasses – Golden Girls

  6. It’s like Rue McLanahan got free tickets to a baseball game.

  7. Even the hat is shit

  8. holy shit parkes, how old are you? name dropping arsenio, sinbad and golden girls? nobody under 40 knows what you are talking about.

  9. And what’s Jason Frasor doing in a Reds uni?

  10. I didnt even know Elton John liked baseball, much less the Reds??

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