Following tonight’s game, Andrew Stoeten and I thrilled tens of people on our live webcast, answering questions about the Blue Jays and Opening Day. Here are some of the highlights:

Jose Bautista’s home run over/under:

On Juan Rivera:

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  1. Is the entire Skebang gonna go up?

  2. Please make it so, Hilarious. So much better than a lecture from Wilner. Love that you guys can be smart about baseball but also fun, Love the video stuff.

  3. Yes, thank you. More please.

    However I do think you’re overstating the negatives about steals. Doing a double steal in front of Bautista is only a waste of time if all he could do is hit a homer. No matter how much of a power hitter a player may be, other outcomes (ground out, single, fly out) will always be much more likely than a long ball. And in all of them runners on 2nd and 3rd none out is more likely to produce a run. Yes they need to be mindful of success rate, but given the double steal worked several times in spring, they seem to be confidant in it.

  4. parkes you look like a skinny version of adam lind.

  5. you know what I love about Stoeten? he’s smart but he’s still a fan, and you can tell, which I think is important to me as a reader of the blog. I have an incredible amount of respect for Parkes and Getting Blanked is a daily ready for me but he sometimes comes off as cold and impersonal and occasionaly too stats oriented. But Im drunk and fuck it you both do incredible work.

  6. Good stuff, looking forward to more of this!

    Apropos of nothing, I was thinking of a neat possible consequence of the Jays’ new defensive alignment. Now that Rivera is the DH, wouldn’t it make sense to get JPA into the lineup once in a while on days that Molina is catching? He wouldn’t be taking AB’s away from anyone that matters, he wouldn’t be overworking himself, and it would allow him to keep a rhythm offensively rather than sitting every other day. I wonder if they’ll consider it.

  7. I just have to say that .2 war does not equal destroy. However the roughly 22 million? they paid Wells over that time destroys the 10 million they would have had to pay Rivera. I’ll also concede the point that Wells plays a premium position while Rivera plays positions where fielders go to die.

  8. Parkes, you look like Shane Watson, the Australian cricketer. Sorry, I’m still in World Cup mode, but yea.

  9. Rivera plays right field foxheadraven (WTF on the handle?). He just plays it like he’s dead.

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