It really should have been obvious, but Major League Baseball’s decision to open the season up over the weekend was a clear swing of genius. It seemed to ramp up perfectly, as fans across North America (excluding the Tampa Bay region) had time to bask in the pageantry of Opening Day for three days, beginning with a Thursday or Friday opener and culminating in Sunday night’s Dodgers / Giants matchup.

Despite a month of meaningless games leading up to this weekend, the amount of which is often criticized by fans who see it as a blatant money grab and little else, one of the most memorable occurrences of opening weekend has to be the miscues.

There was Johnny Damon in Tampa Bay:

And Aubrey Huff in Los Angeles:


Even the umpires were having a tough time, calling this obvious catch a base hit:

Blue Jays fans don’t need any reminders of Edwin Encarnacion’s troubles at third base on Sunday, but for the rest of you, the defensively inept corner infielder had two ugly errors against the Twins.

Of course, these sort of things happen throughout the season. It’s just that everything is under such a bigger microscope for the first few games in comparison to the anonymity of July and August.  Just ask Red Sox fans, who after boasting about their team’s impending dominance throughout February and March have been left a shattered mess of overreactions after their team was swept by the Texas Rangers.

So, while all of the miscues and embarrassing moments may be written off, there remains absolutely no excuse for batting Wille Bloomquist first in any batting order.

And The Rest:

Brian Cashman claims that the Mets use of Pedro Feliciano over the last few years was abusive. How much more fun is Cashman without George Steinbrenner’s muzzle?

Baseball fans unite. Field f/x is coming soon.

Jon Daniels admits it was a mistake to deal Adrian Gonzalez all those years ago.

Humidor security is of the utmost importance to Major League Baseball.

Ichiro is Ichiro.

J.P. Arencibia became the first rookie to hit two homers on Opening Day since Gary Gaetti in 1982.

Evan Longoria will be spending the next few weeks on the Disabled List with a strained oblique. Even more reason for Tampa Bay Rays fans not to come out to see their team live.

Jim Edmonds probably isn’t helping his Hall of Fame candidacy very much with his recent comments.

Even the Mets television network is against them, airing derogatory clips from Family Guy over the post game show. As if their play wasn’t already unfunny enough.

Were the Yankees cheating on Opening Day? Cashman justifies illegal hand signals from the crowd by suggesting that the scoreboard was broken.

The Barry Bonds trial seems to be going Barry Bonds’ way.

What would you name the new Florida Marlins ballpark? My vote is The Social Security Center.

Finally, this is just one of the Top Ten Baseball Commercials of All-Time Ever:

Bonus Pic:

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