It’s A Walk Off!

It took ten innings and twice coming back from deficits, but the Toronto Blue Jays eventually beat the Oakland Athletics 7-6 thanks to a walk off two-run home run from Yunel Escobar.

The A’s got to Toronto starter Jo-Jo Reyes in the third and fourth innings, eventually chasing him from the game with only a single out in the fourth. But awful defense from Oakland in the sixth allowed the Jays to come back.

With the Jays down 5-1, Rajai Davis led off with a double and Escobar reached on Kevin Kouzmanoff’s impression of Edwin Encarnacion before Adam Lind drove in the first run of the inning with a sacrifice fly ball. Aaron Hill then brought Escobar home with a single, before reaching second base because of a throwing error from pitcher Brandon McCarthy. The next batter, Juan Rivera, reached base on another Encarnacion homage from Kouzmanoff before the inspiration himself hit a double, scoring Hill and giving Rivera third base. Travis Snider finished the damage with a groundout that cashed in Rivera.

The score stayed tied at five thanks to scoreless relief work from Carlos Villanueva, David Purcey, Shawn Camp and Jon Rauch before Jason Frasor allowed a solo home run in the top of the tenth by Josh Willingham to put the A’s ahead. But in the bottom half of the inning, Davis led things off for the Blue Jays with a single up the middle just before Escobar’s heroics. And to think that some people would’ve called for Escobar to drop a sacrifice bunt in that situation. Yikes!

Memorable Moment: Coco Crisp was on second base with two out in the ninth, when Davis saved the game with a spectacular running catch on the warning track on a deep drive off the bat of Conor Jackson.

I’m officially taking the win that goes to Jason Frasor and giving it to Rajai Davis for starting two crucial rallies for the Blue Jays and making a game saving catch.

More Memorable Moment: The family matter that has taken Jose Bautista away from the series against the Athletics was the birth of his first child, a baby girl. Some leader. He’s no Cal Ripken. Relax, I’m kidding. No, you’re immature.

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  1. David Purcey was the money.

  2. Looks like someone took care of business at the All-Star Game last year.

  3. How about we let Villanueva, Davis and Escobar share that win. They all deserve it.

  4. Meanwhile, in hilarious news, the Red Sox are shut out by the team with the racist logo. This is shaping up to be one bizarre start to the season!

  5. Villanueva was awesome, didnt catch him in pre-season. Lind and of course YEscobar with at-bats, and kudos to Kouzmanoff – he was great tonight.

  6. Part of the reason why I hated the Dotel signing so much is that the Jays got Villanueva already. Definitely unappreciated in Milwaukee, with really good peripherals last year.

  7. Yeah, the bullpen was great but we lucked out. Anyone other than me look at that line-up in the first inning without Joey B and get a bad case of the the gibblies? Rivera doing the statue in right field, Nix at third. Not a deep roster folks. Couple of key injuries to position players and we’re sca-rewed.

    That said, Lind looks okay so far at first. And Davis looks like a player.

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I think Lind has actually looked really good so far at first. And Kevin, I don’t think it’s fair to look at the team as is and say if someone gets injured they’re in trouble. They have people at AAA who can step up. But for a three game abscence you go with your bench players, which can be at par or worse than your prospects who you want playing every day in the minors. If Encarnacion went down with a serious injury we’d see LAwrie up here. If Bautista went down, we’d probably see what Thames has. It wouldn’t just be slotting Mike McCoy into right and hoping for the best.

    And are we sure we want to start the whole bunt debate again? In very simple fashion, let me just say that the bottom of the 10th down one is vastly different from bottom 7 down one.

  9. Also – giving up an out to move one guy from first to second is much different (and much more wasteful) in such an end-game scenario than giving up that same out to move two guys from 1st and 2nd to 2nd and 3rd – with more game still to play. Farrell has already proven that stratagem is in his gamebook – he doesn’t need to go down that well every day to keep the thought in the backs of rival minds from here on out. Kudos to Farrell for showing his strategical chops so early. He may never need to call on a double steal, or sacrifice bunt again, but other managers will now be sure to defend against it, potentially leaving open more holes in the infield for balls to sail through.

  10. Why was everyone such a prick on extendo Jaystalk last night? For some reason I assume its people from here nitpicking over fucking stats. Wilner is the most kickass host in baseball, stop trying to prove you’re smarter than him assholes.

    • Wilner’s stance on Jesse Litsch is positively ridiculous. We all say things mistakenly. In the heat of the moment, I suggested the other week that Manny and A-Rod were equally valuable to their teams. I was dead wrong and I admitted it. That seems difficult for Wilner.

  11. MLB 2K11 knows how awesome Rajai Davis is – David Blaine/Criss Angel-awesome.

  12. do you really think Villanueva pitched well ? i thought he walked 2 guys in his first inning of work

    just sayin – i was confused with some of the light HJ stroking given to the Jays relievers
    after what I watched at the game last night – felt pretty shakey where I was sitting –
    although it could have been that expensive hotdog I ate

  13. I was thinking about W-L record vs. ERA vs. FIP as statistics go, as well as Avg/RBI vs. OBP vs. OPS, etc. I think I’ve decided they are all (including W-L) important in different ways. They are all really layers. Think as a 5 year old for a second. Hey, is this pitcher good? Well he’s got a winning record, so yeah. Then as you get older you discover the easier to understand stats. Well, the guy is 5-5, but his ERA (simple math of runs divided by 9 = how many runs a picther would give up for a whole game) is 3.12 which is pretty good. Same thing with avg. He gets a hit 3 out of 10 times, not bad.

    Then as you age and discover the deeper layers (and this can take years of baseball understanding… a new fan will not get new statistics) you can start to understand stats like FIP (which I couldn’t explain to you if I tried), BABIP, OPS, WAR, etc. These are all different layers in understanding a player’s worth.

    Now, and this is important, in this understanding, there is no excuse for anybody who has been around the game for a long time, especially a GM, relying on only the first couple level of stats.

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