Juiced Balls?

David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal Constitution spoke with a bullpen catcher today who explained the offensive bursts from the first weekend of the regular season by saying that the ball is harder this year, and that it’s been made like that to boost attendance.

Allegations of juiced balls seem to crop up whenever offensive numbers go up, but maybe we should wait until there’s a larger sample size than three or four games for each team before we assume anything.

For their part, Major League Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney denies that the ball has been altered in any way:

There has been no change whatsoever on the composition of the baseball or the process in which they are made.

And in case you’ve forgotten, here’s exactly how they’re made, handmade that is:

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  1. *Clearing throat in order to perform Troy McClure voice* “It will be whacked and slammed out of the playing field, but that’s life…in the big leagues”

  2. That was actually really interesting, although the hand stitching segment looked a little like a sweat shop.

  3. Yeah, MLB actually got in trouble because of using sweatshops to make baseballs and other official stuff.

  4. http://steroids-and-baseball.com/changing-baseball.shtml

    If you believe this, juiced balls were a major reason for the huge offense that we saw in the late 90s/early 2000s.

    So yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if baseball has done it again after the incredibly low scoring 2010.

  5. The comment I actually wrote earlier today on the Hysteroidical post:

    “For barely logical reasons, I find it hard to discard completely the idea that the ball was tampered with from 1994 onwards.”

    And then I see this post. Coincidence?

    … Probably.

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