In a shocking turn of events, the New York media circus that follows the Yankees has learned that the newly acquired Rafael Soriano, is indeed not Mariano Rivera. You see, not only does Soriano not always dominate opposing lineups, he also doesn’t answer for his mistakes. The multi-million dollar set up man decidedly didn’t stick around to speak to the media last night after coming into the game against the Twins in the eighth inning, up 4-0, and promptly allowing a run and leaving with the bases loaded. David Robertson then gave up a bases loaded double to Delmon Young that scored three runs and tied the game, before the Twins scored in the tenth for the win.

One has to wonder why Soriano was sent to pitch in the first place. Up 4-0, and having already thrown almost 20 pitches the previous night, it seems odd that Joe Girardi would want to burn one of his most useful relievers for the next game at least. When asked why he chose Soriano to come into the game, Girardi responded, “Because he’s our eighth-inning guy.”

With airtight logic like that it’s difficult to question his decision.

It’s interesting to note that last season Rafael Soriano allowed earned runs in nine different appearances. Six of those outings came when he was working back to back games. However, there were fourteen other occasions in which he worked the game before and had no problem shutting down the opposition.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post goes a little bit off the deep end in reading far too much into Soriano’s poor performance:

Was it because of the cold that Soriano faltered? Pitching the day before? Unfamiliarity with the role? Or anger at being asked to take the ball at 4-0 in the eighth? Soriano played to the worst of his reputation and was not around to answer.

He took a bribe to come here for a role he did not really want. Maybe money really can’t buy happiness.

Any worries resulting from Soriano’s metaphorical no show on the mound and literal no show in the locker room last night are nonsense. It’s the stuff of beat writers in competition with one another, searching for a more outrageous reaction to inspire more newspapers being sold and higher click throughs on their publication’s website. Over the course of a season, relievers, even the best ones, will occasionally blow saves, and ones of the human variety may even wish to avoid talking about it.

And The Rest

It was C.C. Sabathia who gave way to Soriano last night, up 4-0, making this article on 300 wins both humourous and timely.

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The Red Sox and Rays remain winless this season, but the Brewers snapped their bad luck thanks to an incredible pitching performance from Yovani Gallardo.

While Boston in desperate need of “swagger” if they ever hope to win again, at least Tampa Bay can take solace in having the greatest fans on earth. Maybe a little patience might be in order from both sides.

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