Jays Lose To A’s On Getaway Day

Aside from both teams sending their aces to the mound to face each other this afternoon, there was another reason why it didn’t take much more than a single hour before the sixth inning brought us the first run of the game. It was getaway day today for both the Blue Jays and Athletics, and as such, home plate umpire Fieldin Culbreth did his darnedest to ensure that this afternoon’s game was completed as soon as possible.

That meant a lot of first pitch strike calls and batters falling behind in counts, which also means a fast, low-scoring game. While Blue Jays fans had little to complain about after seven innings, up 1-0 thanks to a Jayson Nix two out single that brought home J.P. Arencibia, things took a turn for the worse after Ricky Romero gave up a lead off double to Andy LaRoche in the eighth inning. The next batter, Cliff Pennington bunted the ball right at Romero, but instead of looking off LaRoche or trying to throw out the guy already on base, the Jays starter threw Pennington out and allowed LaRoche to reach third.

Jason Frasor came into the game and even though he managed to strike out Coco Crisp, Arencibia had trouble holding onto or keeping Frasor’s strike three pitch in front of him. Crisp took first base and LaRoche scored. As Frasor took his time dealing with Daric Barton and Conor Jackson, Crisp swiped two bags and scored the winning run on Jackson’s single to left field.

Thoughts on Frasor’s performance:

The Jays never recovered and the Athletics won the game 2-1.

It was a tough loss, but let’s not get too bent out of shape. Ricky Romero tossed a great game. Travis Snider looked great in the field. And John McDonald was his usual self filling in for Yunel Escobar. If that’s not good enough for you, take solace in the fact that the Jays have won four of their first six games, while both the Red Sox and Rays are yet to celebrate a single victory.

Following the game, Casey Janssen was demoted to Triple A Las Vegas in order to make room for Octavio Dotel who was removed from the Disabled List.

We also learned that Yunel Escobar suffered a minor concussion from yesterday’s collision with Andy LaRoche. However, further tests came back negative and so the Blue Jays will not use the newly created 7-Day Disabled List for head injuries as they expect him to be able to play before then. If he’s not, they could always place him on the DL retroactively.

Here’s an edited version of our post game show:

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  1. Janssen doesn’t deserve to go down after the good year that he had last season, but then again, who does?

  2. Obviously the standing will look very different as the season goes on, but the Rays and Red Sox starting a combined 0-12 is insane. And awesome.

  3. Yeah Parkes I agree with Fullmer,

    Play GM, Janssen and Scrabble deserve to be in the Bigs. What would you do, or would you just send down the guys with options as injury protection?

  4. I would consider trading one of their relievers, really. Having quality bullpen depth is good, but the current situation is a bit ridiculous.

    The Red Sox could certainly use one.

  5. Dotel… ACTIVATE!

    That just sounds good.

  6. Frasor’s an OK pitcher on the whole. However, over the last 3 years, his ERA in high leverage situations is almost twice as high as lower leverage situations (check Fangraphs). I’ll have to agree with JP Ricciardi on this one that he’s not a late inning reliever. Is he one of the league’s best relievers? Well, may very well be one of the best middle relievers. Keep him pitching in low leverage situations.

  7. They don’t let bloggers on to a real TV set I guess

    I thought the best part was when you talked about Murphy Brown. These parts were good too.

    Looking forward to the next show.

  8. I blame Aaron Cibia!

  9. how can you say you wouldn’t have pulled romero to start the eighth to replace him with jason frasor?? you have to remember — you’re pulling a 90+ pitch romero, in a very close game, with a fresh and spanking new frasor! who do you thinks likely to be better in that situation??

    what a stupid comment!!

  10. Get some cufflinks Parkes.

  11. Since I don’t get cable (it sucks being a poor post-grad) and the highlight reels of the game don’t really help with giving a good perspective of what’s actually happening. The live streaming post game sure helps!

    Also I say keep Lawrie in AAA all year. Start him next season in Toronto.

  12. Parkes, I gotta ask: what’s with the jersey [i]over[/i] the shirt? It just doesn’t look right.

    Also, whose name is on the back of it?

  13. And, of course, I use the wrong tags…

  14. And then I see you just answered that question on Twitter…

    Maybe today just isn’t my day.

  15. Dustin,

    Is that a game worn jersey? I don’t remember the “Ted” commemorative patch being on the jerseys you could buy at the store that year (I bought my jersey the year they had the patch on the field). What’s the name on the back?

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