Brandon Morrow made his first rehab start for Single A Dunedin on Thursday evening and his line was less than thrilling. The right hander threw for three innings giving up four earned runs from eight hits and a walk with only two strikeouts.

Jays closer Frank Francisco also made an appearance in the same game. The rehabbing right handed reliever allowed two runs, one from a solo home run.

It’s easy to slip into panic mode over a couple of players not living up to early expectations, but have a little bit of patience. Morrow missed a the last couple weeks of Spring Training and Francisco didn’t get the chance to pitch very much in game situations. This is part of the reason it was expected that Morrow would get a couple of rehab starts and that Francisco would make at least three appearances before they would be considered for duty with the big club.

Looking at the bright side, pitching prospect Deck McGuire threw four scoreless innings, giving up only three hits.

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  1. For some reason I read Deck McGuire as Dustin McGowan and my heart went a flutter.

  2. Who cares about results. What did each say about how his arm felt afterwards?

  3. As meaningless as anything in the spring. Probably moreso, given the interrupted schedule.

  4. In spring he was lights out, he just needs to get back in to a rhythm and back on track..

  5. Morrow tweeted that his arm felt great, location not so good.

  6. Not to be a pedant (actually, scratch that – I make my living being extra pedantic), Francisco pitched in two spring training games. One good, one bad, no runs allowed.

  7. Thanks Wagman. My bad.

  8. Keep in mind Morrow was pretty chafed about even being disabled. Can’t imagine it’s a dream come true to be pitching in A-Ball.

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