I was really close to calling this post The Parkes Factor, but thankfully thought better of it.

Anyway, ahead of tonight’s Blue Jays / Angels game, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at how Vernon Wells might have performed if he spent last season in Anaheim. Of course, this isn’t an exact science, as many factors contributed to each situation that we see plotted here, but it’s kind of a fun conversation piece.

Above is an outline of the Angel Stadium of Anaheim with the home runs (dark blue), doubles (light blue), fly outs (orange) and pop outs (red) that Wells hit last year at Rogers Centre.

Unless you’re colour blind, you should be able to recognize that the new stadium should suit Wells . . . uh, well. While it would’ve been mainly at the expense of his doubles total, the former Jays slugger likely would’ve seen an increase in the 21 home runs he hit at home last year.

Again, take this with a grain of salt, because it doesn’t factor in a ton of things, like weather and other park factors.

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  1. Very cool. I hope VW has a great season… when he’s not playing the Jays.

  2. I really think the move to LF will help Vernon this year. When he was bad, it seemed like a lot of the time it was because he was playing through injury/strains/fatigue/whatever. LF is way less physically demanding than CF, which should really help (especially since he’s not getting any younger).

  3. Don’t the light blue dots represent where the ball would theoretically land if it were not for fielders and walls? Or similarly, if a double that hits the wall results in the dot being placed at the point of the wall, then any double off the wall at a point of a park with greater dimensions than Angel Stadium will appear as though it would have been a homer in Anaheim, when really it’s dependent upon the angle.

    If a light blue dot is a only a few feet beyond the fence, unless it was hit at an incredible angle, there’s a good chance it would still be a double in Anaheim. Wells would only have had somewhere between 0-2 extra homers (depending on which stadium the light blue dots to right were hit in… the orange dots hit to centre were likely in an away park)

  4. The plotting is only for his hits at Rogers Centre.

  5. Look at all those pop ups to the infield.

  6. So why would the orange dots to centre at Rogers Centre be homeruns in Anaheim? The fence is not closer in Anaheim at those points. Same for all the light blue dots “beyond the fence” to the left of centre… those balls would still hit the wall in Anaheim (or possibly worse because Anaheim’s left-centre power alley is deeper than at Roger Centre)

  7. Not all ballparks are as posted. See: Park, Fenway.

  8. They talk about the heavy “marine layer” at night in those coastal ballparks (bet the under, folks) but when VDub pulls a ball for a HR, it tends to be a rocket, as confirmed by your graphic, Dustin. Almost all of those dark blue dots are well out of that stadium. Bodes well for him once he gets on one of those tears of his. I wish him well. He looked a little melancholy on the bench last night — must have been very weird for him.

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