I know the games are long, that at bats can be boring and both sides of the rivalry have fan bases that are less likeable than protesters who show up to funerals, but somehow there remains nothing in baseball quite like a weekend series between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. The latest, scheduled for today, tomorrow and Sunday is equipped with a couple extra factors to make the rivalry even more interesting than usual.

First of all, this afternoon’s game against the Yankees is Boston’s home opener, which always contributes to the drama. Secondly, the Red Sox, in their first half dozen games of the season have proven to be very good at finding new and inventive ways to lose ballgames. For instance, yesterday, the Cleveland Indians scored the winning run on a squeeze play in the bottom of the eighth before Boston squandered their chances in the top of the ninth with a baserunning mishap.

As you might imagine, Red Sox Nation is taking their slow start in stride, not overreacting in the least. But while everyone is suggesting that no team who has lost its first six games has ever gone on to win the World Series, it’s worth noting that no team, six game losing streak or not, has ever won the 2011 World Series, and several championship teams have lost six games in a row during the season. Over the course of a 162 game season, losing streaks happen to even the best teams.

Adding a bit of sanity to the situation, at least on Twitter, has been Baseball America’s Ben Badler.

Quote Of The Day:

Dustin Pedroia to Red Sox fans ahead of their home opener:

You’re either two feet in now or you’re two feet out. Let us know now because we’re coming.

And The Rest:

Nick Swisher welcomed Tsuyoshi Nishioka to Major League Baseball by breaking the Japanese player’s leg on a hard slide.

Brandon Phillips would be the grittiest player in the history of the game if only he were more white.

Someone wrote an article entitled, Remembering the Unappreciated Reggie Jackson, and it wasn’t even written by Reggie Jackson.

Surprise! Nyjer Morgan has a thing or two to say about his old team.

It’s kind of ridiculous not to have a mercy rule in place when talent is obviously so different.

The Angels give everyone a shot at throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, even journeymen pitchers who used to perform hung over.

The Reds get their man . . . in the broadcast booth.

A wise man once said that glory is fleeting, but chicks dig scars. Somehow that relates to the 2011 San Francisco Giants, six games into the season.

Washington Nationals fans do not like the Atlanta Braves. Do you understand?

You might say that they had interesting weather in New York for the Yankees home opener.

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