DFA'd From Above: David Purcey

According to today’s media notes, left handed reliever David Purcey has been designated for assignment, meaning that the Toronto Blue Jays will have ten days to decide what they want to do with him. Purcey is out of options and must pass through waivers if the team attempts to send him down to Triple A.

Taking his place on the active roster is right handed reliever Casey Janssen, while southpaw Brad Mills is also getting the call up from Las Vegas, taking the place of the injured Rajai Davis, who was put on the Disabled List prior to last night’s game.

After what seemed like a breakthrough year in 2010, Purcey was reintroduced to the command problems that plagued him during his previous short stints in the big leagues. He walked four of the 14 batters he faced this season, while giving up three hits and collecting only three strikeouts.

The addition of two relievers to the lineup likely has a lot to do with last night’s bullpen marathon in which six relievers combined to throw over 100 pitches. The newly signed DeWayne Wise is a likely candidate to be brought up following the series with the Mariners or once the Jays return home after their four game set with the Red Sox.

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  1. good riddance to ya!

  2. this is total bullshit, they do whatever they fuckin can to keep jo jo reyes ‘for organizational depth’

    but then dfa purcey? what the fuck is that

  3. Sorry, Drew. I feel for you.

  4. Jojo is gone in a few days too stop your blood clot crying

  5. DeWayne Wise has yet to have a batting average over .250 in the majors since 2000. Why do teams keep using this guy?

  6. It’s too bad it came to this. After last season I was all for Purcey closing this year, but man, he needs to throw strikes. Hopefully he’ll catch on somewhere and get it together.

  7. Purcey’s romantic rights are all that he got. ZING!

  8. Purcey had more than enough chances in this organization to make something of himself. He failed every time.

    He might eventually be a decent reliever, but then again, he might not. Either way, he’s replaceable.

  9. Oh no! Now who will be our “ace of the future” letdown?!

  10. Wise is a very good defensive outfielder, that would be why he still finds major league jobs.

    And while Wise is a bad hitter, average is hardly the metric that indicates that.

  11. I was glad they made Purcey a reliever (and frustrated it took them so long to do so), but really, with the likelihood that Reyes will get moved into the same role within a week, they didn’t need both. If Purcey isn’t claimed, he’ll have a chance to work out his control issues. But I don’t expect much from the guy. There’s too much of an obsession with hoping on guys who throw fast compared to guys who can throw strikes.

  12. @dc

    Reyes just had a decent start, whereas Purcey hasn’t been able to find the strike zone. Why would you keep someone with a top potential of being a LOOGY over someone who can spot start and fill the LOOGY role?

  13. Wise brings a calm, proven veteran presence and refreshing athleticism to the outfield.

  14. What are the chances that AA can ship him off to Tampa, and bring Dirk Hayhurst back?

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