Several aces and Kevin Correia will be making their third starts of the season tonight. Hopefully, that translates into me not staying up until the wee hours of the morning again.

Milwaukee Brewers (Shaun “North Of Steeles” Marcum) at Pittsburgh Pirates (Kevin “Just North” Correia) 7:05 EDT

Tonight is the right time to renew your love for the former Toronto Blue Jays changeup master as Shaun Marcum and his Brew Crew travel to Pittsburgh where they’ll face the Pirates Opening Day starter, Kevin Correia. I’m not even kidding. For more shocking news, check out the standings, where you’ll find that the Brewers and Pirates are tied for second in the NL Central, two games back of the Cincinnati Reds.

Tampa Bay Rays (David “The Right Is” Price) at Boston Red Sox (Jon Lester “Bangs”) 7:10 PM EDT

After last night’s blowout, it will be interesting to see how the Red Sox respond with their ace on the mound. The only problem of course is that Tampa Bay will be responding with some studly stuff of their own. Surprisingly, Price has only ever pitched one game at Fenway Park when he went six innings, only allowing a single earned run during a game last season.

Oakland Athletics (Trevor “Benny” Cahill) at Chicago White Sox (Edwin “Action” Jackson) 8:10 PM EDT

Speaking of pitching battles, Trevor Cahill, who just signed a five year $30.5 million contract, will take on the suddenly phenomenal Edwin Jackson. Over his first two starts Jackson has struck out 20 batters in only 14 innings, while walking only five of the 54 batters he’s faced. Cahill, meanwhile has only allowed a measly two runs over 12 and two third innings. This game should be done around 8:30 PM EDT.

Toronto Blue Jays (Ricky “RR Cool Jay” Romero) at Seattle Mariners (Michael “Hit The” Pineda “With A Stick”) 10:10 PM EDT

In his rookie debut, Michael Pineda averaged more than 95 mph with his fastball. I don’t know what that means for a team that generally likes to swing at fastballs, but I’ll be interested in watching the pitcher who many compared favourably to Jays rookie Kyle Drabek.

Los Angeles Dodgers (Chad “Just Bring Me The” Billingsley) at San Francisco Giants (“Tiny” Tim Lincecum) 10:15 PM EDT

New Rule: Anytime Tim Lincecum pitches, the Giants are on this list.

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