Update: Hamilton Out 6-8 Weeks

2010 American League MVP Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers left this afternoon’s game against the Detroit Tigers in the first inning with an injury to his right shoulder after taking two head first slides, the first earning him a triple and the second getting him tagged out at the plate.

http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/586629/HamiltonOut.gif.opt.gifUpdate: Hamilton will miss six to eight weeks with a small, non-displaced fracture of the humerus bone in his right arm.

Chris Davis will be recalled from Triple A to fill in for Hamilton.

Since March of 2007, Hamilton has missed 210 days due to several different injuries. The breakdown, according to The Baseball Injury Tool, goes something like this: six knee, five general medical, three core, three thigh, three face, two lower leg, two shoulder, two groin, two back, two hand, two wrist, one foot, one abdomen and a head injury for good measure.

Prior to signing a two year $24 million contract with the Rangers, it looked as though Hamilton would be heading to arbitration with Texas. One of the main questions surrounding a potential arbitration case revolved around whether or not the team would bring up Hamilton’s past substance abuse problems as part of their case. Aside from addressing the risk of a backslide into drugs and alcohol bringing the issue up could have also been a factor in considering future injury risk.

As someone who enjoys a drink or two from time to time, I’m under no illusion of what that stuff does to one’s body. Years of abusing it can certainly be a contributing factor to future injuries, especially at the level at which Hamilton plays and with his style which can sometimes seem reckless.

Humourously enough, today’s injury came while he was in the lineup as the team’s designated hitter. A move likely meant to limit the wear and tear on his body that normally happens from playing in either center or left field.