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We’re scheduled to go live at 7:00 PM EDT. You can send your questions, comments and pretty much anything else you want to talk about tonight to our Twitter accounts: @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten.

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  1. Carlos Gonzalez out of the Coors confines – not so scary.

  2. Oh, let me amend. Carlos Gonzalez outside of Coors and Chase, definitely not that scary.

  3. Regarding Lawrie and his service time – Yesterday Wilner said that he doesn’t know where this statement of Lawrie having to spend some time in the minors in order for the Jays to delay his FA year is coming from. Wilner states that the Jays can call him up today or the end of the year and it wouldn’t matter as Lawrie wouldn’t be a FA until 2017. Whats the deal on this?

    I was under the impression that if Lawrie stayed in the minors for about a month that would delay his service time enough to push his FA year from 2016 to 2017.

  4. I’ll put a post together explaining this.

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