Say what you will about the Washington Nationals (that they can’t develop talent, that they didn’t respect Adam Dunn like they should have, that they overpaid for Jayson Werth, that they haven’t had a winning season) but the one thing that no one can complain about is their in game entertainment. The best of which features a race between former Presidents of the United States.

The biggest shock here is that George Washington went down so easily to John F. Kennedy. Frankly, I expected more (NSFW Language).

Presidential pardon to @joecapMARLINS for the clip.

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  1. That’s not a presidential fight. THIS is a presidential fight (or more accurately, a series of such fights):

  2. I’m a Jays fan – what’s in game entertainment?

  3. Okay. Okay. Blue Jays. Blue Jays. Let’s. Play. Ball.

  4. Don’t forget that we get to watch energy move really fast over graphics from 1997!

    And on Saturdays we now have a midget!

  5. The Jays used to run some kind of race with condiments, I think. AJ Burnett ran in a couple of those races and was scolded for it by Ricciardi/Gibbons.

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