Two quick things about the New York Mets: 1) Was anyone expecting great things from this team this season? Did I miss something where people without delusions were suggesting that they wouldn’t lose more games than they’d win this year? 2) It is THIRTEEN games into the season. The Mets have a better record than the Boston Red Sox.

Chill. The [Getting Blanked]. Out.

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  1. That is one fucking lame intro song.

  2. That is one fucking lame into song.

  3. The ‘theme song’ is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

    This guy is the top sportsradio host in New York? Weird.

  4. Trashing the best players on your favourite shitty team is a brilliant idea. What a professional.

  5. Something sounded off with Francesca’s voice there. Or is he just trying to sound more like The Dog since he left?

  6. I like this. Why not roast them? Anyone miss Brad Emaus? How about the Jays relieve the Mets of the burden of paying David Wright. You can buy him out after next year if you want. He is being wasted there. They will not contend for years. Prospects and cash for Wright. The Mets are desperate, find out how desperate.

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