Jays Lose Patriots' Day Clash

Just relax. Simmer down.¬†Yes, the last three losses in Boston hurt a team that had already suffered through back to back series losses in Anaheim and Seattle, and watching Ricky Romero getting roughed up in the fashion that he was today isn’t going to be a part of any Jays fan’s highlight reel. But this is the stuff that tends to happen now and again when you face the best lineup in baseball.

Talking during the game with Drew Fairservice, he said something humourous and insightful to say about the hyperbolic reaction on Twitter during today’s loss. To so many fans, there only seems to ever be one team on the baseball field. When your favourite team wins, it’s because they’re awesome. When the opposing team wins, it’s because your favourite team sucks.

The Boston Red Sox are a very good team, and the results from the last three games shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Having said that, you’re really not setting yourself up for very much of a chance at success with a lineup that includes several slumping sluggers, Corey Patterson batting second, and Jayson Nix. Or when you put Octavio Dotel into the game to pitch to anyone with any ability to hit from the left side of the plate. I say any ability to exclude the switch hitting Jason Varitek who Dotel struck out.

But to be perfectly honest, these are the options that the team is stuck with when the regulars go down. And this is the team that fans have to give a little bit of leniency to. I know that can be much to ask of a fan base that has had to suffer through almost 20 years without a playoff appearance, but just keep thinking about all those good things you say about Alex Anthopoulos. Think about how the Jays farm system has increased in the rankings so quickly and so definitively. Think about how the team unloaded what was largely considered an unloadable contract. Think about how the team acquired a player this offseason who is currently lighting up Triple A in his first year at that level. And finally, think about the future.

One day, in that not too distant future, Jays fans will have a team that we can properly get disappointed in when they lose a game or two to the Boston Red Sox. Until then, I encourage you to be patient.