Despite rumoured interest from the Houston Astros and Pittsburgh Pirates, the Toronto Blue Jays traded left handed fireball reliever David Purcey to the Oakland A’s in exchange for right handed Minor League reliever Danny Farquhar, who was originally sent to the Athletics by Toronto in the Rajai Davis trade.

Purcey, without options or command, was recently designated for assignment by the Blue Jays, signaling the end of the pitcher’s time in the Toronto organization.

It’s disappointing that the Blue Jays have to give up on a player who’s been in the organization since 2004, especially a left hander who has shown glimpses of greatness with a 94 mph fastball, but that’s what happens when you have bullpen depth to the degree that the Toronto Blue Jays do.

I hate to harp on it yet again, but if Purcey is ever able to get his command together, it’s going to be very disappointing to think about this team signing Octavio Dotel and making other bullpen acquisitions that wouldn’t allow them the patience to see if Purcey could come out of his early season slump. On the other hand, Purcey has had seven years to impress the organization, and despite those all too fleeting glimpses of greatness, he’s essentially been unable to do so.