Mike Leake Arrested

Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Mike Leake was arrested today after the right hander was stopped by security outside of a Macy’s department store with $60 worth of merchandise in his possession for which he didn’t pay.

Leake, famously, went straight from being drafted in 2009 to starting for the team in 2010, without a single game at any professional level below MLB. After being booked into jail at 2:30 this afternoon, Leake has now officially spent more time in the slammer than in the Minors.

The 23 year old made the league minimum over the past two seasons, after agreeing to a $2.7 million signing bonus shortly after being drafted. This obviously begs the question: Why would anyone shop at Macy’s?

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  1. Technically, he didn’t “shop” at Macy’s…

  2. Love your columns.Unfortunately, you like most, do not understand the meaning of “begs the question.” Check it out.

  3. cshaw. Yeah and albatrosses are actually good luck — the bad luck is killing one. But once Vernon Wells’ contract is called an albatross for the 99,000th time, I guess you’d call that battle lost ….

  4. Actually, the Wells contract as albatross harkens back to the marine custom (articulated fully, I think I remember, in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner) of hanging an albatross around the neck of the person on board considered to be ill fortuned. Thus, he has “an albatross around his neck,” meaning: he’s operating at some sort of disadvantage. Which gets shortened to: the contract was an albatross (elided: around the neck). Needless to say, the albatross would be dead at this point.

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