Earlier today, in Sam Miller’s ever awesome Annotated Box Score, the Getting Blanked contributor noted that Robinson Cano has the best chance of surpassing Jim Edmonds as the best player ever not to be listed in Baseball America’s Top 100 prospect list. One of our blog’s brilliant commenters, Ty, reminded/informed us that Cano was part of a list of Minor Leaguers given to the Texas Rangers to choose a player from that would be included in the Alex Rodriguez/Alfonso Soriano trade.

Miller confirmed the story, linking to this quote from Jim Callis in a River Ave Blues blog post:

Though initial speculation was that New York would give up a pitching prospect, baseball sources say the five-man list contains four hitters, including outfielder Rudy Guillen, shortstop Joaquin Arias and second baseman Robinson Cano, as well as righthander Ramon Ramirez.

Of course, the Rangers picked Joaquin Arias instead, and Cano went on to become one of the best second baseman in baseball.

The story reminded me of the many trades that never were in Blue Jays history.

There was the Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios trade that was rumoured for a couple of days during the 2007 Winter Meetings. Without any evidence, I am entirely certain that when J.P. Ricciardi readily agreed to the deal, Brian Sabean requested some time to figure it out, leaked it to the media and then thought better of it when everyone with a blog, column and radio spot called him an idiot for even considering it.

Even more infamous was a proposed deal at the 2002 trade deadline that would’ve sent prospect David Wright to the Blue Jays for impending free agent Jose Cruz Jr. Ricciardi, clearly unfamiliar with Wright’s potential rolled his eyes at the offer, suggesting that Cruz was a Major Leaguer and he wasn’t about to let him go for a player in the Sally Leagues.

Batter’s Box looked at this same issue a few weeks ago on the anniversary of the biggest trade in baseball history not to happen.

March 28, 1976 – Media sources report a potential blockbuster between the Mets and Dodgers involving two future Hall of Famers. The deal would send Tom Seaver to LA in exchange for Don Sutton. Mets fans respond negatively and perhaps influence the deal. The trade is called off and Seaver will remain in New York until 1977 when he is sent to Cincinnati.

These types of rumoured deals tend to be best remembered by fans of the teams involved and often forgotten by everyone else. So, I’ll lean on you guys a little bit here. What’s the biggest rumoured trade you remember that never happened?