Patriots' Day In Boston

Today is Patriots’ Day in Boston, a holiday that commemorates the first battles of the American Revolutionary War at Lexington and Concord (thank you Mr. Anderson). While the day is celebrated in both Massachusetts and Maine, it’s best known for Bostonians phoning in sick to work, getting wicked wasted by 9:00 AM, celebrating the start of the Boston Marathon by downing more Sam Adams, then going to Fenway Park where they’re usually thrown out of the stadium just in time to catch the race as it passes by.

Barring weather and work stoppages, the Red Sox have played at home on Patriots Day every year since 1959. However, the early 11:00 AM start time to today’s Blue Jays and Red Sox game is a tradition dating back only to 1968. The purpose of scheduling the early game was so that spectators would be able to see the Boston Marathon coming through Kenmore Square, near Fenway Park, just as the game ended. However, the race has begun around 9:30 AM in recent years, which has caused the runners to pass close to Fenway in the middle of the game instead.

Considering that Daisuke Matsuzaka is pitching today for Boston, the marathon is expected to pass by before the third inning.

Of course, Patriots’ Day also brought us this classic moment from Red Sox history:

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  1. So for an extremely regional holiday, the Red Sox have been scheduled to play in Fenway for the last 50+ straight years? All the while the Blue Jays have sometimes had home games on two national holidays: Victoria Day and Canada Day…Yeah sure…The schedule is made up by a computer. Tell me another one Bud and the rest of you [Getting Blanked]s at MLB. Oh and [Getting Blanked] you Massholes!

    • I thought the same thing.

      Rumours among ushers (take with a grain of salt) is that old regime asked for Victoria Day and Canada Day not to be played at home because they had to pay staff holiday pay. I’d assume that bigger crowds would cover time and a half, but you never know.

  2. Oh. Ok then [Getting Blanked] those cheap, corporate bastards at Rogers, who can’t figure out that a big [Getting Blanked]ing holiday crowd might be able to offset those costs, as you rightly pointed out.

    • Allow me to say that grain of salt needs to be much, much bigger. It isn’t although the ushers and front line staff are consulted on a decision like that. The difference in paying a bunch of people $16 an hour for one day is pretty inconsequential. If they balked at hosting those weekends, there is a lot more to it than that.

  3. That pizza toss is the funniest thing ever! I remember watching that. Classic!

  4. It was great to see that Geoffrey Mutai crossed the finish line in the 3rd inning.

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