With potential closer Frank Francisco ready for action after his Spring Training DL stint, the Blue Jays optioned Jesse Litsch to their AAA affiliate in Las Vegas.

This move is all about minor league options, as struggling starter Jo-Jo Reyes has none remaining. Like David Purcey last week, any move involving Reyes requires he clear waivers. The large amount of time Jesse Litsch spent on the disabled list means he has plenty of options remaining and can easily move to the AAA, despite outpitching Reyes in 2011.

With starter Brandon Morrow scheduled to return and start on Friday against the Rays, expect a corresponding move later this week.

This move is really too bad for Litsch, who performed about as well as one could expect a finally healthy Jesse Litsch to perform. Jo-Jo Reyes has, charitably, not pitched well at all. The Jays figure to give Reyes a few more starts to establish a shred of trade value before the team goes the DFA route with him too.

Frank Francisco joins an already crowded bullpen full of nearly identical pitchers. While John Farrell may hesitate to thrust the oft-injured hurler into the closer’s role, Francisco figures to make some high leverage appearances as soon as they become available.